About Us

Ricable was officially formed in July 2010 by the experience of a single individual in the cables industry for Hi-Fi interconnections. That period was marked by the "seizure of power" of HDMI cables in Audio/Video connections, outclassing definitely the old analogue Scart format.

A HDMI cable of medium/high range was already being designed since several months, with the intention to hold the basic offer of shabby and cheap products and the more famous and performing ones together, but which had often prohibitive costs.

The first HDMI Ultime series was risen from this idea and its was immediately a success due to the synergy of the newly formed company and the commercial experience of Troniteck Distribution, approached in that period to introduce and market the first models.

In a few months, due to this synergy, it was possible to create a catalogue, introducing other HDMI cable models, like for example the highly requested Across series, which immediately collected an incredible success. Meanwhile, in chase, new projects were elaborated to extend the catalogue with other AV cables types, selecting every day the prototypes with the best results.

At the beginning of the year 2013 there was a turning point, because Troniteck decided to acquire the Ricable trademark including the technical know-how that had allowed to get to this point and once trademarked, there was the official beginning of the Ricable era with the start of all the series of projects that till that moment had been blocked in the drawer.

In 2014, after different testing months, we have the come out of the new Supreme series which boasts some leading technical and construction solutions and the debut of an entire series of new products, always in the philosophy that marked Ricable during the previous years.

Always in the same year, the website is being rebuilt, a new marketing plan has been elaborated and the bases for the international distribution have been made, something that had never happened before.

Nowadays Ricable is a consolidated reality in the world of Hi-Fi cables, however we are only at the beginning of a new journey, which combining experience and innovation, will always bring many novelties in the High Fidelity world, because this is the future ..The Cable Future!