HDMI 2.0 Hi-End

Ricable Hi-End

The Ricable Hi-End cable is an absolute reference in the transmission of a digital signal on HDMI interface.

The whole project is completely Italian made and is based on the research of the best materials combined with an elegant appearance. Employing increased shielding and connectors of highest quality, we can obtain almost the result of the Supreme range up to 20 meters length.

It is due to this exceptional quality that you will get absolute results related to purity of image, definition of colours and depth of field, but also the best transmission of audio encodings for a listening as faithful as possible.

This model is ideal to connect devices of high range, because such devices express best its qualities of transmission. However, it is certainly not harmful for less noble connections, because it allows improving all those transmission defects resulted by the interferences.

Follow-up of all the available models with insights and data sheets for each version.