Hi-End Power

Ricable Hi-End

Ricable Hi-End Power is a high quality solution for the power connection of Hi-Fi electronics. Based on AM-RCC technology and on in-depth study of interference at all frequencies, it is the optimal solution for those looking for a power cable from the high price / quality ratio.

Ricable totally care in Italy all the design and construction dynamics that are the basis of all power cables, which depart from the technical study of the cable, the design, implementation with AM-RCC conductors, the termination with high connectors quality.

Ricable Power Hi-End comes from the Supreme project and is a superlative cable for high-level electronic. Thanks to R-Electron treatment to which it is subjected to the completed assembly cable is optimized electronic flow in the opposite interference are better directional away from the equipment.

Thanks to the generous conductors from 6 sq mm AM-RCC, is capable of supporting large power amperages and is therefore indicated for sources, for amplifiers and for power conditioners. The double shielding (on each individual conductor and on the whole cable) ensure the systematic slaughter of each interference, both external, it is internal, thereby resulting in the abatement of noise that adversely affect the sound.

The connectors are of great value, made of non-magnetic aluminum, with high quality and robustness contacts. The design is modern and clean lines to satisfy the view, while the touch will be satisfied by the use of latest technology materials, which give a very flexible cable, despite its grandeur.

The result is a warmer and amber sound, typical of the electronic power when working with clean, free from noise.

Follow-up of all the available models with insights and data sheets for each version.