Lifetime Warranty

Ricable leaves nothing to chance, but most of all it never leaves you alone!

Due to the high production quality and minimum return of defective products, Ricable is able to offer a unique service in the world, Warranty to the customer's home without time limit.

In practice, once you purchase a Ricable product you don't have to worry about putting hand to the portfolio in case of product malfunctioning, because it is sufficient to start the home service procedure with the pushbutton "Assistance Request" and the defective product will be comfortably picked up at your home, repaired/replaced and returned again to your home.

This fantastic service isn't time limited, therefore the warranty doesn't last 2 years only as required by law, but it lasts unlimited.

In addition to this you can always count on our technical support to solve any problem related to the use of our products.  

Reassuming, once you purchased our product, you'll have the right to the following advantages related to Support and Warranty:

  • Free Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty on the product without any time limit
  • No management cost of the return practice because we think of everything.

However, it is possible to manage the warranty also through the shopkeeper where you purchased the product. In that case you should hand it directly over at the store with a copy of the purchase document.

Clicking on the pushbutton below you can start the assistance practice of the purchased Ricable product and read the Terms of Warranty.