Our Philosophy

The perfect balance

Ricable arises with a specific project, able to guarantee the customer some high quality interconnection Audio&Video cables to support better the electronics of nowadays and tomorrow..

Our production philosophy provides the perfect balance between Performance, Construction and Price as fundamental principle. From this function comes a quality factor which presents for us the best index for the choice of a cable. Putting into mathematical terms, the quality factor is calculated in the following way:

Where the variables are expressed in percentage and consequently the higher the percentage from the equation is, the better the product quality factor is.

These variables are calculated as follows:

- Performance: the higher they are the more the value will be close to 100%.

- Materials and Construction: the more materials, technologies and construction are refined the more the value will be close to 100%.  

- Price: the higher the price the more the value will be close to 0%

From here you can rely on two things. The first one is that 100% doesn't exist because if you improve the performance and the used materials, necessarily the price increases and the percentage value decreases in our formula.

The second consideration is that the relationship between quality (performance + materials) and price is a balance to be looked for carefully, because it is known that a low price doesn't correspond necessarily to a high QF, in fact, being only one of the three variables involved, it could be the exact opposite.

This represents for us the "Cable Future". In the early days of high fidelity, no importance was given to the wiring then they realized that also the cable was important. Since that day, the research for an always better cable has been started which then resulted in speculation and nowadays you can find really everything, from a cable for little money to the super technological cable, to a cable made with impossible materials, often without any technical justification.

The only thing really missing is the right cable for the right price, this is our philosophy, and this is our Core Business....

A point where we move very carefully on is the one we commonly define the quality/price ratio but which we have expanded and transformed into Quality factor, as we noted before. In order to guarantee excellent performance it isn't always necessary to spend extortionate sums!  
Ricable fits into that market niche, where the paid price doesn't often correspond exactly to the purchased quality. In fact our production avoids the Entry level sector, but also the very expensive one, because we are convinced that it is important to avoid poor quality in order to have excellent performance but it is also needless to purchase cables with stratospheric prices, which often represent only style exercises and/or products with inflated prices.

The prices of our products are for this reason extremely competitive compared to the competition, because we concentrate on obtaining few quality models without dispersing too many resources in mileage catalogues since we are always trying to select the best materials for the best price, thus choosing a cautious marketing that doesn't affect too much the product cost.
The result is undoubtedly satisfactory both in terms of performance and in economic terms.

Italian Project

Our entire production is planned and designed in Italy, where the finished product is also tested and packed. Some models are completely manufactured in Italy and they are generally our Top of the range that we produce with painstaking care.

A superior quality comes from these prerogatives which give us the possibility to guarantee lifetime our product!

All our products are certified, comply with the CE, RoHS and FCC standards, and ensure our customers an enviable quality level.