Ricable Premium Speaker 2.5 - Speaker Cable 2 x 2,5 mm² by meter

EAN 8055684600437

Ricable Speaker Premium is a cable to connect the speakers to the amplifier of great value and is ideal for those who want to wire hi-fi and home cinema Excellent level or for professional installations where cable is required of high quality.

The design and the highest quality of copper used, allow to return a clean sound and durable.

Ricable Speaker Premium is sold by the meter with max cut of 100 meters on a reel.

Ricable Speaker Premium

The Premium Speaker project and the productions are completely Italian in order to obtain the maximum sound result.

Ricable Speaker Premium  Ricable Speaker Premium uses the highest copper purity processed with a particular double twisted structure which ensures the maximum reduction of the inductances.
The conductors are of a very small section to reduce the skin effect to the maximum and the use in the indicated direction ensures a very low resistance. The dielectric is realised in high flexibility PVC which allows the use even under difficult situations like the passage in corrugated.
All these features allow obtaining an incomparable transparency even on remarkable amplification powers up to 250W RMS.
Ricable Speaker Premium For a perfect employment it is necessary to use the cable in the direction indicated on the sheath in this way:

Ricable Speaker Premium

The Ricable cables are directly lifetime guaranteed at customer's home, with a worldwide envied service centre for its efficiency and competence.

Each of our products is CE, RoHS and FCC certified.

Constructive Specifications

Ply Directional
Conductors Material:
Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99,999%
Conductors Structure:
294 in 7 braids with 42 intertwined conductors
Conductors Size:
0,10 mm
Conductors Surface:
2 x 2,5 mm2
External Diameter:
Ø 2 x 3,6 mm
Dielectric insulation:
High Flex PVC

Technical Notes

Affordable lengths:
  • Minimum 1 meter linear multiples of 1
  • Maximum 100 meters in one stretch

Warranty and Certifications

  • Designed in Italy
  • Made in Italy
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • FCC
Lifetime Warranty On-Site (Requires free activation)