Ricable U40/10 Speaker - Speaker Cable 2 x 4 mm² - Reel 10 mt.

EAN 8055684601953

Ricable U40 is a cable for connecting the loudspeakers to the amplifier of high quality and is ideal for those who want to wire hi-fi and home cinema Great level or for professional installations where cable is required for high quality.

The design and the quality of copper used, allow to return a clean sound and durable.

The dielectric of the conductors is increased in PE, wrapped in an insulating TNT to improve the isolation. The outer jacket is increased very flexible, for maximum protection of the cable while permitting ease of installation.

The tubular shape of this cable is excellent for the production of cables for Custom applications Hi-Fi and for professional applications in critical environments.

Ricable U40 Speaker version Reel by 10 mt.


Ricable U40 Speaker

U40 Speaker is designed and manufactured in Italy, using the best materials and technologies, from the studies of our R&D.

Ricable U40 Speaker

Ricable U40 Speaker employs OFC copper of great purity (99.999%) that allows a wire drawing of only 0.10 mm for each of the 500 wires that make up the conductor, which can break down to the maximum the skin effect.

In addition, the generous section of 4 mm2, provides a very high power handling (up to 400W RMS), even over long distances, while maintaining the inherent capabilities of the cable to transmit the audio signal in a transparent and detailed.

Ricable U40 Speaker

The Geometry constructive twisted allows to obtain a remarkable reduction of the inductances to the advantage of a listening experience even better.

Ricable U40 Speaker

The conductor insulation is made of PE with increased thickness to improve the signal propagation and reduce the background noise arising from the outside.

The conductors are wrapped in insulation with TNT and the whole is enclosed in a sheath of high thickness PVC extra-flexible than the outer diameter of 11.5 mm.

Ricable U40 Speaker

For a perfect application you must use the cable in the direction of the direction indicated on the sheath in this way:


Ricable Supreme Speaker

The Ricable cables are directly lifetime guaranteed at customer's home, with a worldwide envied service centre for its efficiency and competence.

Each of our products is CE, RoHS and FCC certified.

Specifiche Costruttive

Direzionale Twisted Pair
Materiale Conduttori:
Puro Rame OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99,999%
Struttura Conduttori:
500 fili per conduttore
Diametro Trefolo:
0,10 mm
Sezione Conduttori:
2 x 4 mm2
Diametro Esterno:
Ø 11,5 mm
Dielettrico Isolante:
PE ad elevata Flessibilità
Protezione Esterna:
Guaina Flessibile in PVC Nero

Note Tecniche

Lunghezze Acquistabili:
  • Bobina 10 mt.

Garanzia e Certificazioni

  • Progettato in Italia
  • Realizzato in Italia
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • FCC
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