S8P Power

Ricable S8P Power is an electric power cable pole Hi-End, unique for quality performance. It is ideal for those who want to create custom power cords absolute level or for professional installations where you need a Hi-End Reference cable.

S8P is made with pure copper conductors in AM-RCC to 4 mm², shielded individually and coupled to form each pole with a monstrous conductive surface, well 8 sq mm. The shield comes directly from the Supreme project and has been developed to ensure a complete removal of the internal noise in the cable, insulate the cable from the outside and not disturbing any other components near the cable itself. The geometry is very complex and involves a double twisting, the first level to the pole, which is constituted by two separate conductors, twisted and individually insulated with aluminum / mylar sheet to eliminate the noise in the high frequencies. The twisted pair cable that forms the pole is in turn shielded with braided copper OFC for medium frequencies. The three double poles are in turn twisted with the rope in cotton and isolated in a final shielding of OFC copper braiding, to finally break down the interference to the whole spectrum and isolate the cable from and to the outside. This solution, totally breaks down the inductances, it allows a perfect propagation of the signal and completely eliminates the external interference, in addition to the noise generated by the transit of the electrical signal.

The complex structure of the cable determines an imposing section, but thanks to PM-RCC technology and the use of the latest materials, surprising the extreme flexibility that the cable maintains. For these reasons the S8P is good for the construction of cables Custom Hi-End and for professional applications in harsh environments.

Ricable H6P Power is sold by the meter or or Reel of 5/10 meters.