U4P Power

Ricable U4P Power is an electric power cable tripolar of great value and is ideal for those who want to make custom power cables high level or for professional installations where you need a high-quality cable

U4P is made with pure copper conductors in AM-RCC from 4 sq mm, dielectric insulation cotton and TNT. Total shielding on the cable allows excellent insulation from outside interference and prevents the noise generated by the passage of the electrical signal.

The configuration is directional twisted for reducing inductance and improved electronic propagation.

The tubular shape of this cable is excellent for the realization of Custom cables for Hi-Fi applications and for professional applications in critical environments.

Thanks to the use of technical materials of high quality, despite the size and the generous sections, the cable is extra flexible.

Ricable U4P Power is sold by the meter or or Reel of 5/10 meters.