How is the design of a cable Ricable?

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How is the design of a cable Ricable? How did we come up with the Primus series, Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus? Why isn't there what I'm looking for in the catalogue? Everything starts with an inspiration and it can take years before it becomes reality. Because we want to be sure of the value of the idea. The first months are spent thinking, drawing and imagining, then we move on to drawing up the project, considering all the issues, and then to prototyping. Everything is done in stages and you don't move on to the next stage until you have overcome the previous ones.

The design of a cable Ricable starts with an idea...

We start with a concept, a constructive idea: what we would not hesitate to call the theory. In this phase, we study a new product or an improvement on an existing one and draw what the internal structure could be.
This is a very important phase as concepts take shape and come up against all the limitations that make the difference between an idea and a product. The drawing is little more than a draft and serves to better understand the new design in a figurative way.

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... and then move on to reality

Let's then see if what is just a design of a cable Ricable can become reality according to our construction principles. Once we have worked out a design for a possible new cable, we come to the less pleasant part, i.e. we immediately come up against the feasibility of the cable. This phase has to take into account various aspects, i.e. those of actual production, integration with connectors, choice of conductors, dielectrics, shielding and insulators, and more generally all the technical issues that could be faced.

If the project involves the construction of a new connector, we consider how to make it, both from a construction and a material point of view.
For example, with the new pure copper connectors we had to do a very long prototyping process, because we had to overcome the obstacle of the greater softness of this metal compared to standard brass.
More information on the Ricable Copper Connector Project (RCCP) can be found here. in an in-depth study published to list the advantages of this construction solution.

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Let's start prototyping

At this point prototyping begins, starting with the top of the range and scaling up to lower level models to create products for more modest ranges. Prototyping involves creating at least two different versions of the product that have passed all the previous points and are identical in appearance, differentiated only by one letter: A and B. In the course of prototyping, we change the letter with each modification in order to have a screen of all prototypes. When things go well, we get the product right away, but it has happened several times that we have exceeded half the alphabet!

The tests are carried out by means of strict technical controls. If they are not satisfactory, modifications and revisions are made; if the performance is up to scratch, we move on to the next and most important phase, which consists of listening tests with up to a couple of prototypes. In this phase we try to capture the most significant aspects and, if the listening tests are positive, we move on to the next phase. If something doesn't convince us, we go back to prototyping. This is the phase where most projects do not see the light of day.

Listening groups

Subsequent tests (the slowest, but most fruitful) involve the involvement of external listening groups, which can verify the goodness of the prototype. prototype. We collect a very important amount of data, because the information comes to us from two unique sources: the variety of systems and the experience of enthusiasts. If we are satisfied with all the above points, we move on to the next step of designing a cable Ricable, otherwise we take a step back to refine the performance of the prototypes. The last step is the relatively simplest, but necessary for the marketing of the product. We are talking about the study of design and packaging, packaging and commercial details.

We would like to say a few extra words about the packaging. This boasts a personalised design for each product, which is different but at the same time consistent with the style Ricable. We know very well that colours and boxes do not make systems work better, but we are convinced that presenting a product in a certain way is nevertheless an aspect to be taken into consideration. In the box, also handmade in Italy, there is more than just aesthetics; inside you can find instructions on how to use and maintain your new purchase. These are accompanied by a brochure that will show you how to activate one of our distinctive features: the Lifetime Warranty.

In a cable Ricable nothing is left to chance

We move on to the creation of the multimedia content and the creation of the data sheets. We are also very meticulous in this phase, choosing the best content. Now all that remains is to produce the new cable, and even this aspect is not left to chance, because production tests are carried out to understand how best to optimise this phase, but above all how to avoid errors and differences between one piece and another as much as possible. At the end, before packaging, there is a test and an inspection of every single piece, in order to guarantee each buyer the same quality as the original design.

The fruit of the entire design phase

The product is carefully stored in our warehouse until a customer orders it. One of the most appreciated features of Ricable is the speed of shipping; if you place your order in the morning or early afternoon, the product will leave the same day from our headquarters in Oleggio, in the province of Novara, and will be entrusted to the courier who will bring it to your home within 24/48 hours on weekdays, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The assistance service will support you before and after the sale, via chat, email, telephone, social networks or any other means. How? With personalised support that initially shows you what is best for you and your system. After-sales support is not secondary; if there are any problems, you can write to us at any time and we will find a solution, including product replacement, if you have activated the Lifetime Warranty. Even years later.

It can happen that the prototype is immediately 'right' and you have an excellent product on your hands without making any major changes. On the other hand, it also happens that there is no way to achieve a satisfactory result. Such was the case with the USB cable we tried to make between 2015 and 2016. It was binned because it was disappointing in terms of the expectations that one commonly has of a product branded Ricable. Fortunately, however, there are many products that have gone through all the steps involved in designing a Ricable cable, and you can discover them all by clicking on the button below.

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