Do you need a custom-made cable and can't find the right length for your system? With Ricable you have the possibility to request a custom length.

Consider that custom cables generally have a higher cost, because they must be put into production as a single non-standard product and this affects our production dynamics.

In general, keep in mind that intermediate lengths cost the same as the longer length product. For example, if you want a particular 1.5 meter cable, consider that the price will be very similar to the 2 meter version.

Having made this clarification, to get a personalized quote, fill out the form below and we will contact you back in a very short time.

WARNING: Customizations too particular invalidate the right of withdrawal and the money back guarantee. Always ask our staff if the customization required characterizes the product as "made to measure" and does not allow to facilitate the return.

Sorry, HDMI cables are our only non-customizable products.