Power cords with American plugs Ricable are coming soon.

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Ricable is happy to announce that the American plug in its Hi-Fi power cords is in the home stretch. We anticipated this in a series of posts some time ago, on our Facebook page. The last "tweak" regarding power cords Ricable was now dated March 2021, with the MKII version of the Magnus Power which, compared to the basic version, gained a shielding. The research department Ricable, however, never stops. This is necessary to keep up with its own time. The U.S. plug in power cords Ricable adds nothing in terms of performance, but it represents an important step in expanding into the U.S. and Canadian markets, as well as Central America. But that's not all...

The American Plug in Hi-Fi Power Cables Ricable

As anticipated, the American plug in Hi-Fi power cords Ricable is not an improvement in performance but an enlargement of the potential users of our power cords. These, with American plugs, will be available for order on the website starting in September. However, for those interested, they are already available and therefore purchasable by contacting us directly.

This novelty stems from a specific need: to meet the growing demand of overseas audiophiles, U.S. and Canadian in particular, whose orders on our site are increasingly frequent. More than new cables, in this case, we are talking about variations of existing ones. American plug power cables, in fact, should not be sought as a stand-alone product, but the variant should be selected within existing product pages. This will not affect the price, as indeed . almost all customizations Ricable. Last but not least: power cords will be able to be equipped with American plug in all series, from Primus toInvictus, via Magnus and Dedalus.

Invictus Power American plug

Not just American plug. We welcome the IEC C20 connector

The discussion regarding the introduction of the IEC C20 connector is very similar to that just made for American plugs in power cords. Again, this is not an improvement on a technical level. It is about offering one more opportunity to our customers. In particular, among the various brands adopting this power input, we are thinking especially of Audio Research. Again, customization comes from listening to the customer.

Dedalus Power American plug

Many owners of Audio Research electronics, or otherwise with this power input, have asked us for cables with this type of connector, and now we can finally satisfy them. Unlike the American plug, however, the IEC C20 connector will not be available for all of our series, but only from the Magnus series on up. So, in addition to the latter, we are referring to those Dedalus and Invictus. There is also a small change in the ordering method. Power cables with IEC C20 connector will not be selectable "directly." Instead, the standard Netzkabel will have to be selected, and just before completing the order, in the notes, the customer will have to write the desired customization.

American plug and IEC C20. Since when available?

Power cords with American plugs and/or IEC C20 connector are not yet available to order directly from the website. They will be starting in September. However, you can still proceed with the purchase by contacting us directly by whatever method you prefer (phone, e-mail, live chat, WhatsApp...) as of now, or even by leaving a written note in the space provided just before you finish your order. In the meantime, if you are undecided about purchasing or just curious, you can take a look at just about all of our power cords. Enjoy your visit!

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