Music at the time of Covid-19

venice san marco square

Music at the time of Covid-19. Just over a year has passed since the swab of Mattia Maestri, 38, a resident of Codogno, Lodi, tested positive. From that moment on, nothing has been the same as before and the whole world is grappling with a global pandemic. Still to be eradicated. On the one hand the vaccine, on the other the spread of variants that do not seem more deadly but certainly are more contagious. All this while even our country has been put to the test and is preparing to exceed the psychological threshold of one hundred thousand deaths. How is the music, but also the audiophiles, doing in this complicated historical moment? From the point of view of the passion we nourish for this art, this seems the thing destined to suffer the least. On the contrary. Those who used to spend part of their free time listening to music, now do it even more since they are forced by the circumstances to stay at home. Moreover, more than one customer has told us that he has returned to this passion that had been dormant for some time, always considering the need to stay at home.

Live performances and concerts, which have been practically at a standstill for the past year, are the ones that have suffered. For all the singers (most of them) who are not able to round up with thousands, if not millions, of reproductions on Spotify, YouTube or whoever, the damage (serious) is economic, as well as recreational. Concerts have been replaced by improvised and domestic streaming performances by international stars, alternating with singing performances, much more amateurish, from the balconies of one's own home. In this article, a bit different from the usual, of the blog Ricable, we want to point out some aspects of music at the time of Covid-19 that we will remember for a long time, along with some words that, alas, have entered the common lexicon, such as lockdown.

Music from the balconies, from the terraces

Ennio Morricone
on Piazza Navona

Jacopo Mastrangelo is one of the many who have started to play from their balcony. The fact that he is eighteen years old, that he played Deborah's Theme by Ennio Morricone (from Once Upon a Time in America), that he did it at sunset, in Rome, on an empty Piazza Navona... all this created a mix that led the video to go viral, to be viewed all over Italy and to become synonymous with hope.

Music not to lose traditions

Andrea Bocelli
from the Cathedral for Easter

In the darkest moments it is important not to lose sight of the fact that there must be light at the end of the tunnel. This also passes through the holidays, including Easter, synonymous with rebirth by definition. On Easter Sunday 2020, Andrea Bocelli performed, alone, in the Duomo of Milan. The concert was streamed live worldwide on the YouTube channel, uniting all countries on one solemn day.

Music in smart working

International stars
from home

In order to make up for the absence of live concerts, many artists have decided to stream them. Lady Gaga has promoted a similar initiative ("One World Together at Home") for charity, in favor of of the World Health OrganizationIt brought together Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion, Lang Lang and John Legend. A group of five stars with a cachet of normally six figures sang The Prayer.

Music that otherwise would not have seen the light

Living in a Ghost Town
of the Rolling Stones

Living in a Ghost Town is the single penned by The Rolling Stones released on April 23, 2020. The single is the group's first unreleased track since 2012 (Bob Dylan also broke an eight-year-long silence with Murder Most Foul). It had been written and composed in the previous year, but the group chose to release it following the lockdown triggered by the Covid-19 emergency.

Music to start again

Marco Mengoni
from Piazza Vecchia

A few live performances, to tell the truth, were held, due to the absence of an audience to attend. The last one in order of time that made a particular noise was that of Marco Mengoni, in collaboration with Rai, who sang L'anno che verrà from Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo, exactly one year after the moment that changed everything. A song that, listening again, proved to be particularly in tune with the moment.

If it is true that there is no defeat in the heart of those who fight, at the same time the path is often much more important than the goal. So we are sure that even an experience like that of a global pandemic can bring growth and maturation to those who are able to grasp certain aspects of it. As producers of audio cables for high fidelity, our aim is to provide you with supports that can contribute to give you back, in the most authentic way possible, the emotions that your favourite artists would have wanted to transmit to you with their songs. By clicking on the button below, you can have a look at our entire catalogue, which is constantly being updated.

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  1. jerrry.caffi he said:

    Compliments, all true, you rediscover in this period "difficult" the pleasure of listening to music, to remain in silence, appreciate the songs that perhaps a long time we did not listen ... with the thought, however, also to those people who are going through a strong discomfort at this time and with the hope that everyone can rise stronger than before.
    Good work and force music, which always feeds the soul, as the great Pino Daniele said.
    Jerry Caffi

    1. Ricable he said:

      Good morning Jerry, we completely subscribe to all the beautiful words you have written. Take care. Best regards from all the staff Ricable.

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