We take the signal straight to the speakers, after the final amplification...


They are also called Speaker Cables and are used to connect the Amplifier (integrated or final) to the Passive Acoustic Loudspeakers with the signal Speaker , that is after the signal has made the final amplification.


The Reference for Excellence is here!

from 1190 Euro

Invictus Speaker Reference is the evolution of the Top of the Range and thanks to the technological implementation applied, it allows to improve every aspect of Invictus Speaker, in order to obtain a real Reference in Hi-Fi audio listening.

  • +400% Performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Conductors 2 x 7.6 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • Double Dielectric with R-TEC© Technopolymers
  • RCC© Copper OFC Connectors
  • Optimized Noise Reduction and Double Shielding


Music for your Ears

from 483 Euro

Dedalus Speaker was born from the Know-How developed for Invictus Speaker, from which it inherits the conductor, the Noise Reduction system and some design solutions that allow you to obtain an exciting sound from your Loudspeakers.

  • 250% more performance than a standard cable*.
  • Conductors 2 x 6.4 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • Copper/Tellurium Connectors PRO
  • Screened


Power and quality

from 305 Euro

Magnus Speaker is an excellent cable Speaker , with a refined conductor and prestigious technical solutions. The sound is neutral, bright and well controlled, ideal for amplifiers and loudspeakers of all kinds.

  • +150% Performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Conductors 2 x 4.3 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • Noise Reduction and Shielding
  • Copper/Tellurium Connectors


Your first step into the world of Hi-Fi

from 169 Euro

Primus Speaker is the ideal entry point into the world of Hi-Fi. It is a Stereo cable to connect the Amplifier to Loudspeakers. However, quality is never sacrificed, even at an affordable price.

  • +70% Performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • MARC© Copper Conductors
  • Completely Made in Italy


from 183 Euro

Jumper set for connecting high and low terminals of high fidelity loudspeakers. Ideal in combination with Invictus Reference Speaker cables. MARC 7N Copper conductor and Pure Copper connectors.


from 81 Euro

Set of jumpers to connect High and Low terminals of high fidelity loudspeakers. Ideal in combination with Dedalus and Magnus Speaker cables. Conductor in Copper MARC 7N and connectors in Pure Copper.

Why Ricable?

Ricable is the first Hi-Fi Cable manufacturer to offer a Total Lifetime Warranty on all its products.

Not only do we offer you a product with a lifetime warranty, but we also guarantee that it's what you've been looking for in your system. Ricable gives you the option to return any item that doesn't meet your expectations, free of charge, within 60 days. While if you like the product and decide to keep it, you have the special Ricable Warranty on all manufacturing defects, in Life. We will take care of everything with a free pick-up and drop-off service.

The 60-day Money Back Guarantee with free returns only applies to purchases made on this site.


Made in Italy


Satisfied or Refunded


Lifetime Warranty


Customization possibilities

*Cable specific detection estimated on the basis of electrical and acoustic parameters compared to a signal cable that is normally supplied with Hi-Fi equipment. The gain may vary depending on the system in which the cable is used.