Three serious wiring errors that degrade the sound of your system

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Having a high-end system and wiring capable of highlighting its merits is surely the basis from which any audiophile worthy of the name should start. It is equally important, however, not to get lost in a glass of water, ruining the performance of what you have acquired through years of commitment, investment and study. After reading, in a few minutes, this article on the blogRicable, you will clearly know three fundamental wiring errors that should never be made (or immediately corrected!) that degrade the sound.

1st error: use the same socket for everything

The first thing to know is that you should avoid wall sockets with multiple sockets in series, as well as poor quality multiple sockets. The main problems that arise when using them are overloads, interference from different equipment and bottlenecks. The best thing would be to have two or three separate lines direct from the meter, but it is often difficult to achieve.

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Therefore, a valid and at the same time more easily achievable alternative is to buy a quality multi-socket or better still a mains air conditioner. Attention, however: in some cases customers have reported that these reduce the listening dynamics, as well as the filtered multi-sockets.

2nd Error: Having cables rolled up and tangled up

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The second problem is that cables, when rolled in a circular fashion, suffer from the antenna effect. This means that cable tangles promote interference between devices. The same thing happens when we find too much proximity between the same components in our plant.

The solution, in this case, is to use shielded cables and take care of the positioning of these carefully. Furthermore, if possible, it would be better to use clamps to keep the signal Speaker and power cables separate.

3rd error: do not give importance to all cable types

Lower quality cables create signal bottlenecks that cannot be remedied by better cables. As we have already had occasion to write, in fact, the cable does not improve the signal, but it makes it less worse. Lower quality cables, among other things, are more susceptible to external interference. Ultimately it is not very functional, for example, to have a very good cable Speaker and signal and then use standard power cables. It defeats the good that the first two can do.

The solution is to give importance to the quality of all the cables of the system, especially signal cables (both analog and digital), Speaker and power cables, which are the ones that determine the most the result.

Ricable offers definitive solutions for each type of problem listed. All wiring errors that degrade the sound has its solution. All cables offer high quality raw materials, optimized geometries in the sign of tradition for sound transmission and special technologies, the result of unconventional research and development.

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In addition to quality, it offers Ricableyou the fullest guarantee on your purchase. If you're not satisfied, you can return the product free of charge within sixty days; while if the product satisfies you, you will be protected for life with our special on-site warranty. We invite you to view our products and untie the hinges that still keep your system chained!

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