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XLR cables are the balanced version for connecting analogue signals between two electronics that have XLR input and output stages. They are less common than the unbalanced RCA, but offer, under ideal conditions, better sound transmission. They are used in all cases where we need to transport an analogue signal with an XLR connection in Stereo mode (Right/Left) between two pieces of equipment that have a balanced connection. The most common cases in which they are used are to connect sources (such as CD Player, DAC, Network Player) to the Amplifier, but they can also connect a Preamplifier to the power amp Speaker .


Absolute Balanced

from 583 Euro

Invictus XLR is our flagship product and the Ultimate Solution for any system. It offers an exciting connection and detailed listening, with a truly stunning soundstage!

  • +400% Performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Conductors 2 x 0.57 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • Noise Redution
  • RCC© Copper OFC Connectors
  • R-TEC© insulation


A great way to Listen

from 381 Euro

Dedalus XLR is designed from the top series Invictus, to offer a balanced, neutral and detailed sound. It has the elegant and musical tone to enhance the qualities of your equipment.

  • 300% more performance than a standard cable*.
  • Conductors 2 x 0.55 mm2 in Copper MARC©
  • Neutrik Top of the Range Connectors
  • R-TEC© insulation


Great listening support

from 191 Euro

Magnus XLR is a cable that has in its DNA the big brothers Dedalus and Invictus. Thanks to the Know-How of the latter, it gives a feeling of Precise, Clean and Neutral, ideal for all lovers of good sound.

  • +100% Performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Conductors 2 x 0.35 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Insulators from Dedalus and Invictus

Why Ricable?

Ricable is the first Hi-Fi Cable manufacturer to offer a Total Lifetime Warranty on all its products.

Not only do we offer you a product with a lifetime warranty, but we also guarantee that it's what you've been looking for in your system. Ricable gives you the option to return any item that doesn't meet your expectations, free of charge, within 60 days. While if you like the product and decide to keep it, you have the special Ricable Warranty on all manufacturing defects, in Life. We will take care of everything with a free pick-up and drop-off service.

The 60-day Money Back Guarantee with free returns only applies to purchases made on this site.


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*Cable specific detection estimated on the basis of electrical and acoustic parameters compared to a signal cable that is normally supplied with Hi-Fi equipment. The gain may vary depending on the system in which the cable is used.