Are you a distributor of Hi-Fi products and would you like to offer your customers a unique brand in the world for performance and service?
If the answer is positive, you might be in the right place!

Ricable aims to be present all over the world, so we select partners who can represent us in other countries. If you don't have a Distributor Ricable in your country yet and you have a network of Hi-Fi specialist dealers, you have the basic requirements to consider a partnership with us.

We assess each proposal individually and in person based on your experience in this field, your dealer base and affinity with the values and high standards of Ricable.

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Important: The request you are about to make is non-binding. We reserve the right to evaluate your request.

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Warning: If you only sell to the public, you might want to ask us about being a retailer from this LINK

If, on the other hand, you have a business structure aimed solely at the end user (B2C) that can make important numbers such as those of a network of shops, write to us in the notes below for more details.