You can find us in Oleggio

Oleggio is an Italian municipality in the province of Novara, with a precious medieval centre at its heart, with its emblematic bell tower overlooking the parish church, the Fanchini ethnographic museum and the civic theatre, in the middle of the Ticino nature park. At the foot of Monte Rosa and not even half an hour's drive from Lake Maggiore, Oleggio is also a milk town. It contributes a quarter of the entire province's milk requirements and is home to a herd of buffaloes, which are indispensable for the production of one of the most popular local products: gorgonzola. It should be enjoyed, of necessity, with the amazing wines of the Cantine dei Colli Novaresi.

The factory Ricable

The head office Ricable covers over six hundred square metres and contains the administrative offices, the research and development laboratory, the production area and the warehouse. This centrality of the company's most important organs allows internal logistics to be extremely effective and efficient, guaranteeing functional communication between departments and fast delivery to customers. An aspect that should definitely not be underestimated. To make the plant recognisable and to welcome those who visit the premises there are three banners that represent a lot to us: the European one, Ricable and finally the Italian one, of which we are proud.

The workshop and production area

All Ricable cables for Hi-FI audio are made here, in our factory. In Italy. After a design and prototyping phase that can last for years, the Primus, Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus series come to life with top quality materials and continuous tests to verify their correct functioning. The products are then stored safely until a customer orders them on the internet or visits us over coffee. We don't have a real shop because our focus is on e-commerce, but we are always happy to chat with other enthusiasts.