Italy in the heart

The Invictus, Dedalus, Magnus and Primus cables are produced with rigour and specific dictates from a technical point of view. However, their origin is much more romantic.

This story begins one autumn afternoon, when the inspiration was born in us to produce a range of refined cables, carefully crafted by expert and passionate hands, with cutting-edge technical and acoustic characteristics and a unique, more characterful and personal design, in order to produce handcrafted items of great value. Technological solutions, design, testing, production and packaging are completely derived from our product vision and experience gained over the years in this sector.

Every step of the production process is carried out entirely by hand and the checks on every single piece are maniacal, with the use of new instruments and testing procedures, but above all with the help of meticulous human control. This is the great added value, because we are sure that technology is an indisputable support for quality, but we are equally convinced, as good Italians, that the best things are those made with the heart, with the wise craftsmanship that a machine cannot and will never be able to replicate.

From the union of technology and Italian craftsmanship we have given birth to an innovative range of products, specific for Hi-Fi audio, and to mark the evolution from the past we have given all these products names to mark a new beginning: Invictus, Dedalus, Magnus and Primus. They are Latin names, which refer to the most remote roots of our current society and highlight once again the love for the country we live in. Because building the future and keeping the past alive are the same thing.

Each product identified by these four series will be guaranteed to be Made in Italy, handmade and with the best technological innovations that Ricable has developed and will develop thanks to its efforts. Not only. The handmade production allows us to offer our customers the precise length they want. The creation of a new research and development department, specifically created to develop Invictus, Dedalus, Magnus and Primus, will have the constant aim of experimenting new solutions to guarantee the best Hi-Fi cables of today and tomorrow.