What are the
of being
customer Ricable?

What does it mean to be a customer Ricable and why should
and why should an audiophile trust this company?
We usually prefer to let
the enthusiastic reviews of those who have already chosen us,
but one answer to the initial question might be that the work is entirely localised in Italy,
and every Hi-Fi cable is handmade, despite years of research in the field of hi-fi.
years of research into innovation.
We follow a philosophy of craftsmanship and, for this reason, we can customise any Hi-Fi cable on request.
any Hi-Fi cable, in every way.
But there is also the extended return period of up to 60 days and the
period of up to 60 days, the possibility of registering the
the Lifetime Warranty or to take advantage of the
the Ricable Upgrade service.
In short, between social networks, articles, Facebook group and every other method of communication
you can think of, we really try our best to be
to be close to those who put their trust in us,
round the clock.
We are infinitely proud to be able to enter homes and hi-fi systems and make the emotion that only music can give clearer.

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We are craftsmen and we make your cable here in Italy. Thanks to this, we can make it to measure for you and with as many customisations as you wish.

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We build with maniacal care and techniques that are the result of years of research. We truly believe that your Hi-Fi equipment deserves top connections.

If you buy from Ricable, you have 60 days to decide. whether to keep the product or return it. In this case, we will come and collect it for free.

If you decide to keep our Hi-Fi cable, you will benefit from the special Lifetime Warranty. If it becomes defective, even after twenty years, we'll repair it for free and without transport costs.

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Your purchase is a guaranteed future value. Thanks to Ricable Upgradeif one day you have different needs, we will exchange your cable for the same price as the purchase.

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We are always there, especially if things don't go well. You really can find us at any time, with the method you prefer.