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is worth more.

Ricable is the only manufacturer who will trade in your old cable, whether in or out of catalogue, and value it as if it were new, as well as guaranteeing it for life. Only one rule: upgrade to a higher series (for example from Primus to Magnus).

If you own an old Ricable cable and would like to exchange it without losing a penny, please read this page carefully and fill in the form.
Just press the button below.

truck free shipping

The product you buy can be exchanged for its original price. We will pick it up for you at our expense.
You only have to pay the difference.

Icons made by srip from

You will never have one cable too many.
If your system improves,
change your cable.
Top performance, and no waste.

Icons made by srip from

The exchange is total and across the board. Would you like to exchange a cable INTERCONNECT for one Speaker ? No problem.

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You don't have to worry about selling your used car before you buy the new one. We value it more than anyone else.

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It is not essential that you have the original packaging or that the product is in perfect condition. That it works, however, yes. Read the rules.

Icons made by srip from

Ricable is the only cable manufacturer that does this. Our customers deserve the most up-to-date product, because they are unique. And incredibly nice.

Let's take an example

  1. In 2015 you bought a Supreme Speaker for 500 euros
  2. Now you've decided to keep up with the times, and want to buy a Invictus Speaker for 973 euros.
  3. Fill in the form Ricable Upgrade. You will only pay the difference (473 euros)
  4. We organise and pay for the transport of used cars and the delivery of new cars. You remain carefree and cost-free


  1. The initiative is only valid directly with Ricable, not on marketplaces, through resellers or on Ricable Custom.
  2. To join, it is necessary to prove the price paid for the trade-in product.
  3. To qualify, the trade-in product must have been purchased from us or from an official dealer/distributor.
  4. Ricablemay, at its discretion, consider not accepting the exchange.
  1. The initiative is only valid for upgrading to a higher series product of the brand Ricable.
  2. The exchange product must be in working order and not tampered with.
  3. For each new purchase there must be only one product in exchange. For example: we will not accept three cables in place of one.
  4. If you have more than one trade-in product and therefore more than one product that you wish to purchase, you need to complete the form several times.


Fill in the following request form and WITHOUT COMMITMENT you will receive an upgrade quote with all the details. Once the quote is confirmed, you will receive your new cable and return the old one in a very short time.

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