The certainty of being able to return the product without spending a euro. Always.

Ricable firmly believes that the customer has the right to be 100% satisfied with the purchase he makes, without spending even one euro more if he decides to make the return, in case he does not like the product. With a trial period that goes well beyond the 15 days required by law and which extends to 60 days, exclusively for those who buy from the site Ricablethere is the possibility to request a refund or replacement of the Hi-Fi product purchased.

You can request a refund or replacement, without giving any explanation and in a very simple way; in the first case, you will get a quick refund of the same amount paid, with the same method of payment, while in the second case the replacement will be totally free and managed by our courier. We will also be able to agree on the best day for you to make the collection.

blue truck return shipping delivery

How do I do this?

First of all, you must have made the purchase on the site Ricableand not from other retailers. The advantages described are exclusive to this type of customer. This also means that you already have an account and enjoy the Lifetime Warranty. Now you just have to do the following steps:

1. Login.
2. Enter your Message Board by clicking on "My Account".
3. Click on the Help and Support icon and open a new Ticket or browse those already opened.

WARNING: The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that are too personalized or to configurations made specifically for the customer.