"One day I was asked if the cables Ricablewere reliable. At the time I was building little more than prototypes in a basement and in a burst of pride I answered: "Of course! They're so reliable, I guarantee it for life!". That's how the idea of making cables so reliable that they can be guaranteed forever was born".

Water under the bridge has passed since then, and today I can proudly say that Ricableit is no longer a simple start-up, but a solid company with healthy philosophies and concrete projects.

A company is the synthesis of the people who work there and its history, so we want you to know better who we are, where we came from and where we want to go, so that you too can somehow be part of our Family.

Sergio Modenesi


End of 2009

From an idea of Sergio Modenesi, collaborator at Troniteck (which at the time mainly marketed IT) and passionate about high fidelity, came the idea to start a marketing of specific cables for Hi-Fi with its own brand. The brand is coined from the combination of the name of the creator's son (Riccardo) and the word "cable" in English, which together give rise to the name of the new Ri-cable brand. The logo that accompanies the first products sold is created, which are delivered to the customer in transparent envelopes with labels made with amateur graphics.

June 2010

HDMI cables, at the time, were a novelty and were increasingly pushing the old scart protocol. At that time Troniteck worked in the garage of the owner's house and, as a warehouse, had a basement rented for little money. Among the products he marketed, there were some very expensive HDMI cables, with higher performance than the standard ones and the starting point of the adventure. Ricable That's what it was all about: designing high-performance HDMI cables that were cheaper than others. This is how the first two series were born Ricable HDMI: Ultimate and Premium.

December 2010

After the first confirmations with the Entry Level series of HDMI cables, the design continued and we arrived at a high performance HDMI cable (HDMI Hi-End) and the ingenious Across series that solved a difficult installation problem, especially over long distances, for the passage of HDMI cables. Ricablewas the first company in Italy to develop cables of this type.

January 2011

The characteristic white packaging that still accompanies cables Ricablein people's homes today is designed. The idea was to develop an original, eco-friendly, Italian-produced packaging that differed from the blister pack type that was the most popular at the time.

July 2011

Once the HDMI catalogue was organized in the best way possible, the real research began on what has always been the founder's point, that is to create Audio cables for Hi-Fi. The first analog signal and coaxial cables are inserted, always with external production, brandeRicabled . In addition, the Troniteck premises are expanded, renting another portion of the basement to make room for brand management. Ricable...that was taking hold. Signal Cables and Coaxial Hi-End and Ultimate Digital Cables were born in this period.

Ricable ULTIMATE Signal - RCA Hi-Fi Stereo Signal Audio Cable

December 2011

At that time there was an increasing demand for good quality Speaker bipolar cables, so the first Made in Italy product was added to the catalogue, the ancestor of the Ricable Custom 2.5, which was sold only by the linear meter or reel. Brand sales in 2011 Ricable are almost five times more than in 2010.

Ricable custom


These are two years of transition for the brandRicable, both in terms of production and turnover. We start thinking about how to organize an internal production, how to develop the catalogue and how to design and test new products. In the meantime, sales are consolidating and the brand is gaining ground in Troniteck's economies. It's not just an idea anymore.

notebook work

March 2014

2014 is the year of the upgrade of all HDMI series to the 2.0 protocol and the inclusion of the top of the range, Supreme HDMI. There are now five HDMI series, even if the economical Premium is abandoned, because it deviates too much from the philosophy Ricablethat wants to make only cables of extreme quality.

supreme hdmi measure awg conductors

June 2014

In June 2014 the epoch-making turning point will take place. After months of trials and tests, the first real handmade Ricableproduct is given birth: Supreme Speaker. For the production of the first piece, twenty hours of work were required; efforts are concentrated on identifying the best possible production logics in order to optimise production and reduce processing times.

10923 Supreme Speaker

September 2014

Other Made in Italy cables produced by RicableSupreme Signal, one stereo signal cable, Ultimate and Hi-End Speaker, two lower level cables Speaker than Supreme. An area reserved for the assembly of cables is set up in the Troniteck headquarters, the first small laboratory Ricable.

supreme signal

October 2014

Ricable begins to be appreciated and requested also by installers and DIYers, so we start a program that is the genesis of what later will be Ricable Custom, with the inclusion of many products aimed at installers and DIYers, in 2014 sales started to grow again, almost doubling compared to the previous year.


In May, the first balanced Supreme XLR cable is inserted, followed in July by the first reels of cable per meter, which are measured and packaged entirely by hand using rather rudimentary methods. However, 2015 is, above all, a turning point. It is understood that the brand Ricable can be the future of the activity and the first concrete project is planned to equip itself with suitable premises, to transform the company into a company with name Ricable and to centralize most of the production in Italy. Sales of products Ricable Soaring and the brand begins to be known as synonymous with quality and reliability.

Ricable Supreme XLR


May is the month of the first participation in the Monaco Hi-End as exhibitors and in this context is set the presentation of the entire range of products. Ricable Power, the first entirely designed and built by Ricable. The activity, even if still under the name of Troniteck, moves to the new location, but we work under track to better organize the production and creation of the new company. Ricable Ltd. In 2016 there was a further increase in branded sales in the Ricable.


We start the design of the new Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus series, entirely designed and constructed in Ricable with new standards of quality. These will be the backbone and the characteristic feature of Ricable in years to come. The new HDMI cables with active processor are also inserted. In 2017 the brand's turnover Ricable is further consolidated.

March 2018

March 2018 marks a milestone in growth Ricable. The brand, born as a simple intuition eight years earlier, has grown over the years by absorbing Troniteck's philosophy of reliability and seriousness, channelling it into the development of a precise idea: to create its own Made in Italy product that could become a reference in the market. Srl is officially establishedRicable, which also absorbs the Troniteck and Altason brands.

April 2018

One of the first activities of Ricable Srl was to create a distinctive feature for Custom Installation products, with the creation of a brand, a catalog and a website dedicated to these items. This is how the RicableCustom brand was born, with products exclusively for installers and DIYers, resulting from the production of Ricablewhich are characterized by high performance.

Ricable custom header

September 2018

A programmatic report is drawn up for the three-year period 2019/2021 which provides for the expansion of the brand abroad and the consolidation of the Italian market. The commercialization of all the products of the Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus series officially began in the same period.


The new Primus series makes its debut, the ideal solution for Entry Level Hi-Fi systems. Primus puts an end to the external production of Hi-Fi Audio cables, which from today are all exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy, in the laboratoryRicable.