We transport the Digital Audio signal from your system to the DAC


These unique cables carry the Digital Audio signal before it is converted to analogue and then amplified. They are the most common digital connection in Hi-Fi and, although they have the same connectors as the INTERCONNECT RCA cables, they serve an entirely different function. The most common usage scenarios are between a Digital Source, such as a CD Player or PC (SPDIF), and a dedicated or integrated Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).


Superior Precision and Musicality

from 360 Euro

Invictus Coaxial is extraordinary for carrying digital signals; it has been designed to prevent any interference, while maintaining inimitable musicality. Every detail has been put in place for those who only want the best.

  • +400% performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Conductor 1.20 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • R-TEC total shielding and R-TEC special dielectric
  • OFC Copper RCC© Connectors
  • Noise Reduction


Digital gets hot

from 232 Euro

Dedalus Coaxial is made by drawing heavily from the top series Invictus and the result is extremely interesting. It has a warm and well-detailed acoustic and is the optimal support for your digital connections.

  • +300% performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Conductor 1.20 mm2 Copper MARC©
  • R-TEC shielding
  • R-TEC Special Dielectric
  • Copper RCC© connectors


Performing Digital Transmission

from 137 Euro

Magnus Coaxial MKII is a less sophisticated cable than Dedalus and Invictus, but it retains the same functional philosophy. Its purpose is correct transmission of the digital signal and protection from interference.

  • +110% Performance compared to a standard cable*
  • 1.13 mm2 conductor OFC copper
  • Four Screens
  • Copper/Tellurium connectors


Your first step into the world of Hi-Fi

from 58 Euro

Primus Coaxial is the ideal basis for entering the world of Hi-Fi. It is a Digital cable to connect the DAC to a Digital Source. Quality is never sacrificed, even at an affordable price.

  • +70% performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • OFC Copper Conductors
  • Completely Made in Italy

Why Ricable?

Ricable is the first Hi-Fi cable manufacturer to offer a Total Lifetime Warranty on all its products.

Not only do we offer you a product with a lifetime guarantee, but we also guarantee that it's the one you've been looking for in your system. Ricable gives you the opportunity to return any item that doesn't meet your expectations free of charge, within 60 days. While if you like the product and decide to keep it, you have the special Ricable guarantee on all manufacturing defects, for life. We'll take care of everything with a free pick-up and return service.

The 60-day Money Back Guarantee with free returns only applies to purchases made on this site.

Made in Italy

Satisfied or reimbursed

Lifetime Warranty

Customisation possibilities

*Cable specific detection estimated on the basis of electrical and acoustic parameters compared to a cable INTERCONNECT that is normally supplied with Hi-Fi equipment. The gain may vary depending on the system in which the cable is used.