"Getting together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."
Henry Ford

Sergio Modenesi

The Mind
Co-founder of Ricable and creator of the brand, he is responsible for the technical and commercial side of the company. Every product has his signature design and engineering. He really enjoys manual work and prides himself on being able to fix everything. His passions? Family, friends and of course Hi-Fi.


Sara Cavraro

The Bossy
Co-founder of Ricable, she is the real soul of the company and directs every logistical and administrative aspect of the business. Always ready to help those in need, she combines natural talents of organization and company management. Her greatest passion, besides work, is her family, with whom she spends most of her free time.


Sofia Cavraro

The Hand
A natural talent in product manufacturing, he is responsible for the production side of Ricable. Most of our products are made by his skilled hands. When he's not working, he's a volcano of energy and is involved in a thousand sports activities.


Dario Caprai

The Communicator
An exceptional content creator, he is responsible for the marketing and social side of Ricable. When you read or see something about us, he's always there. An avid book and film fan, he also writes for a video game website in his spare time.


Elena Riboldazzi

The Organizer
He supports and "puts up with" the Bossy in business management. For this he would already be entitled to sainthood. He is the oil that keeps the wheels Ricable running smoothly in back office management. When he is not working he loves to be with his children and family.