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Total transparency

The key word behind the design of any Hi-Fi cable Ricable is: neutrality. The series Invictus, Dedalus, Magnus and Primus aim to give back to the listener the same sensations that the artist he wanted to imprint on his work at the time of its creation.

We firmly believe that the perfect cable should not add or detract from an audiophile's listening experience, much less color the signal at high or low frequencies. The cable point of arrival is the invisible Hi-End cablethe one you never hear.

The customer at the centre

It sounds like a cliché, but it is really our top priority to put the customer at the center of everything. We do this through the many advantages and guarantees that Ricable has always offered, and which we invite you to discover by scrolling down the main menu.

Above all, we rely heavily on the highest performing technology of allthe human one. Should you encounter a problem, you will never find yourself discussing it with a bot. There will always be a live operator ready to support you.

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Up to 14 Days Return
Insured Shipping at Retailer's Discretion
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Manual Lifetime Warranty
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Up to 30 Days Return
Insured Shipping on Damage and Loss
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Ricable Custom

Hi-Fi Do it Yourself.

The Custom line offers quality products to DIYers, installers and car audio enthusiasts, directly derived from those used for the Ricable terminated cables. Total customization and the appreciated strengths you love: Lifetime Warranty, direct support and much more.