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Ricable – Quality cables for extreme performance

Ricable is born with the precise objective of guaranteeing to the enthusiast, Audio and Video interconnection cables of exceptional quality to better support the electronics of today and tomorrow.

Our philosophy has as fundamental principle the perfect balance between Performance, aesthetics and price. From this derives the quality factor that for us represents the maximum index for the choice of a cable.

NB. To make sure you get our cables at the absolute best conditions, here are the exclusive advantages that you find only by purchasing on the Ricable website:

  • Everyone always has their best price here.
  • The activation of the Lifetime warranty is automatic.
    (who buys elsewhere instead must come on the site and register the purchase later)
  • You always have our direct support from the chat here at the bottom. You can ask what you need to know when you want, we always answer as soon as possible.
  • In addition, you have the special money back guarantee.
    (only applies to purchases from the official website)

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