RCCP - cutting edge of connectors

When we started to see the great results that the new MARC© conductor could give, our research focused on developing connectors that could enhance the new cables we were developing. It is well known that the connector is a crucial point in the transmission of the audio signal, where the use of conventional brass connectors, can lose up to 50% of the performance of a connection, so we immediately started the project called RCCP, as our goal was to build new connectors with pure copper contacts.

The challenge was particularly daunting as it involved redesigning all the connectors taking into account the greater softness of copper, which is not suitable for connector production as the contact points are often very thin and can be prone to bending.

After more than two years of work, we can say that Ricable is the first cable manufacturer to produce an entire series of Hi-Fi Audio cables (series Invictus) with fully copper conn ectors and for the two smaller series, the connectors are fully copper in most products, with a few exceptions, where it was necessary to use a Copper-Tellurium alloy, which in any case is a far superior conductor to the brass that is generally used in Hi-Fi connectors.

All connectors in the Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus series are designed and engineered by us and are manufactured individually using a special CNC technique, adapted to the use of copper as a raw material.

Non-copper parts, such as shells and plastic components, all adopt solutions to improve and safeguard contact points.

The result of this painstaking work is impressive. From tests we conducted, there was an improvement in the transmission of electrical parameters of over 40% compared to brass connectors and this resulted in a marked improvement in listening as well.

All connectors are 24K gold plated

with a specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique in order to prevent corrosion and maintain constant performance over time.

R-TEC - technological innovations Ricable

With the advent of the new range, Ricable has introduced a number of important innovations, carrying out prototyping work supported by technical studies, in order to choose materials and construction techniques to match the new conductors and connectors, thus completing the production of innovative and better performing cables in every use of the system.

The most innovative technologies have been implemented in the series. Invictusseries, but the smaller series also benefit from studies derived from the top of the range, in order to create a range scaled by requirements and characteristics.

Here are the most important technological innovations in construction geometry, insulation and shading.

New Geometries

With the advent of the new MARC© conductors, we have developed new ways of constituting multi-stranded conductors and new rules for interfacing with insulators and shielding. The aim is to improve the electrical specifications, which, depending on the type of audio cable, have the greatest influence on sound performance. In particular, we have studied specific conductive surfaces for the type of cable and detorsion cords with a Biella Manovella system that allow twisting without stretching the conductors.

New Insulations

In dielectric and non-dielectric insulators, we have incorporated new materials not normally used in Hi-Fi cable production, demonstrating our aptitude for unconventional experimentation. One of the most important innovations is the use of new thermoplastic compounds that provide better dielectric specifications than polyethylene and greater flexibility than PVC, as well as better preservation of the characteristics of the contact copper. Another important innovation is the inclusion in some models of a Germanium-based material that dramatically improves background noise in the audio signal (RNR System).

New Screens

The development work on the screens in the new range was a continuation of past studies. In each project, we identified the most effective screens, both in terms of structure and material, in order to determine efficient and never superfluous screens.

MARC Copper Technology - [super] conductors

In 2015 we introduced the AM-RCC conductors in our power cables and the result was outstanding. Since then we have been working on further improving our conductors, because although the result was already excellent, we saw room for significant improvement.

These studies led to the creation of the new MARC© conductor, which stands for Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor, and which is used throughout Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus.

The improvements made made it possible to produce a copper conductor with 7N (99.99999%) purity that is more malleable than its predecessor, due to the reduction of grains per meter by 25% compared to AM-RCC. This production implementation allowed strands to be produced that was smoother on the surface, more ductile and smaller in diameter.

performance marc cooper leather effect

The advantages are as follows:

1.Greater quantity ofraw material:
The conductor wires are thinner and in greater quantity, for the same cross-sectional area, and consequently, with the same conductor surface, we have a greater quantity of copper

2. Skin effect reduction :
By increasing the number of wires in the conductor and reducing the grains of processed copper with consequent surface compaction, a substantial reduction in the skin effect is achieved, which in audio applications is one of the major causes of acoustic signal degradation.

3. Lowering Resistance:
Another effect of the increased decrease in wire diameter, with the resulting increase in the amount of copper, the electrical resistance has also been reduced considerably.

4. Flexibility:
MARC© Copper, in addition to its acoustic and electrical benefits, has improved cable flexibility by up to 70% compared to OFC Copper.

5. Acoustics:
The new MARC© processing, together with the other innovations introduced, produces in the sound a greater transparency, a better detail, a more characterful Soundstage, all while maintaining the neutrality that has always distinguished our production.