When to ask for assistance via Ticket?

There can be many reasons for opening a Support Ticket. We will respond to any need, but there are cases where it is essential to open a ticket, as everything stays tracked and is much safer for you.

The cases in which to open a Ticket are:

  • A product is defective (Lifetime Warranty)
  • You want to make a return (Satisfied or Refunded)
  • You want to replace one product with another
  • You want technical information or information on the use of one of our products
  • You have problems using a product

How does it work in detail?

If you are not yet logged in or have yet to register on the site, please do so now, before opening a Ticket.

As soon as you have your credentials to access the site, follow these simple instructions:

1. Login.

2. Enter your notice board by clicking on My Account.

3. Click on the Service and Support icon and open a new Ticket or consult the already opened ones.