A cable Ricable is made to last forever

The Lifetime Guarantee is one of the values that most distinguishes Ricable.
We make our cables by hand here in Italy, and thanks to this we can bet that they will have endless reliability.
What's more, the Lifetime Warranty is on-site. We pick up and deliver the product ourselves, worldwide and at our own expense.

Is it easy to register? What's more, it's automatic!

Registering the Lifetime Warranty for your product Ricable is very easy, if you bought it from an authorised retailer or an online marketplace. If you bought it directly from Ricable, it's even easier than that, because registration is automatic. In short, you don't have to do anything and you can enjoy your new cable!

It is for life, because we are sure of what we are doing.

The Lifetime Warranty is not a platitude, nor is it a commercial. In addition to the legally required two-year warranty, we extend it indefinitely. As soon as you experience a malfunction, just let us know by opening a ticket and we will take care of your request within a few hours.

It is for all our customers, without distinction.

We protect those who put their trust in us, regardless of where they made their purchase. If you pay attention to the contents of the box, you will find a card with brief instructions on how to register your Lifetime Warranty. We put it there so that even those who don't buy directly from this site can enjoy a unique privilege.

This is it.

Having told you what the Lifetime Guarantee is Ricable, you just need to register it if you are already a customer.
If you are not, we hope you will soon discover what it means to have a product with total reliability!