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For us you are not just a customer. For us you are part of Ricable.
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Just imagine if, before buying our cable, you had had the chance to consult the authentic and real reviews of those who already use the same cable in their Hi-Fi system. It would have been a nice advantage, wouldn't it?

Many people tell us that they are looking for opinions on our products online and so, starting from this assumption, we thought it would be great to provide them with material to consult, in order to be able to center the choice of the ideal cable. On the other hand, the combinations of Hi-Fi electronics that can be made are almost endless.

For this reason we have created Ricable Review, a unique program in the world of high fidelity audio (but not only), which allows you to tell us about your experience with our products without being heavy, but, rather, in a simple and fun way.

Imagine, for a moment, stepping into the shoes of a professional reviewer. But don't worry, it's not complicated! We've put together a sort of interview that allows you to be thorough and precise, without any difficulty.

Thanks to your contribution, the audiophile community will have a testimony of an enthusiast who uses a Ricable cable on a daily basis. If you would like to dedicate a few minutes to this initiative, it is important that you know three fundamental things:

  1. Your review will not be manipulated in any way. Exactly your words will be published.
  2. Your review will be published whatever its nature, positive or negative.
  3. You will need to provide at least three pictures of your system, where you can also see the product Ricable, in order to make the review verified.

It is very important for us to publish truthful content, that is why we have to verify the review. Transparency is part of our nature and we don't want in any way to make this initiative, which was created with the main goal of creating a positive flow of information for everyone, biased.

You can be part of the revolution in this industry, where too often we hide from the customer for fear of exposing ourselves to judgment, when in fact it is the main resource that every company should cultivate.

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Certificate Ricable Review

Taking part in Ricable Review will give you the chance to virtually become part of our staff, because your testimony is very important for us too, as it allows us to constantly improve our products. Here are some of the recognitions you will receive by becoming part of the Review Team:

  1. You will receive a certificate of merit directly to your home that confirms your participation in the program, together with some exclusive gadgets branded Ricable.
  2. We will ask you, when developing new products, if you are interested in testing our prototypes.
  3. You will be informed before anyone else about exclusive upcoming events and receive an honoured place for these.
  4. ... and, above all, you will have the gratitude of many fans like you, who are always looking for more insights into the world Ricable.

Well, now that you understand the spirit of this new program, all you have to do is take a few moments to write your review Ricable.