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MARC Copper Technology - [super] conductors

In 2015 we introduced the AM-RCC conductors in our power cables and the result was outstanding. Since then we have been working on further improving our conductors, because although the result was already excellent, we saw room for significant improvement.

These studies led to the creation of the new MARC© conductor, which stands for Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor, and which is used throughout Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus.

The improvements made have made it possible to produce a copper conductor with a purity of 7N (99.99999%) that is more malleable than its predecessor, thanks to a 25% reduction in grains per metre compared to AM-RCC. This production implementation has made it possible to produce strands that are smoother on the surface, more ductile and smaller in diameter.

performance marc cooper leather effect

The advantages are as follows:

1.Greater quantity ofraw material:
The conductor wires are thinner and in greater quantity, for the same cross-sectional area, and consequently, with the same conductor surface, we have a greater quantity of copper

2. Skin effect reduction :
By increasing the number of wires in the conductor and reducing the grains of processed copper with consequent surface compaction, a substantial reduction in the skin effect is achieved, which in audio applications is one of the major causes of acoustic signal degradation.

3. Lowering Resistance:
Another effect of the increased decrease in wire diameter, with the resulting increase in the amount of copper, the electrical resistance has also been reduced considerably.

4. Flexibility:
MARC© Copper, in addition to its acoustic and electrical benefits, has improved cable flexibility by up to 70% compared to OFC Copper.

5. Acoustics:
The new MARC© processing, together with the other innovations introduced, produces in the sound a greater transparency, a better detail, a more characterful Soundstage, all while maintaining the neutrality that has always distinguished our production.

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