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R-TEC - technological innovations Ricable

With the advent of the new range, Ricable has introduced a series of important innovations, carrying out prototyping work supported by technical studies, in order to choose materials and construction techniques to be combined with the new conductors and connectors, thus completing the production of innovative and better performing cables in every use of the system.

The most innovative technologies have been implemented in the series. InvictusHowever, even the smaller series benefit from studies derived from the top of the range, in order to create a range scaled for needs and characteristics.

Below are the most important technological innovations regarding construction geometry, insulation and shielding.

New Geometries

With the advent of the new MARC© conductors, we have developed new ways of constituting multi-stranded conductors and new rules for interfacing with insulators and shielding. The goal is to improve the electrical specifications, which, depending on the type of audio cable, have the greatest influence on the sound performance. In particular we have studied specific conductive surfaces for the type of cable and detorsion cords with Biella Manovella system that allow Twist without stretching the conductors.

New Insulations

In the dielectric and non-dielectric insulators, we have included new materials, generally not used in the production of Hi-Fi cables, demonstrating our aptitude for unconventional experimentation. Among the most important innovations, the use of new thermoplastic compounds that allow to obtain better dielectric specifications than polyethylene and a greater flexibility than PVC, in addition to better preserve the characteristics of the contact copper. Another important innovation is the inclusion in some models of a Germanium-based material that improves dramatically the background noise in the audio signal (RNR System).

New Screens

The development work on the screens of the new range was a continuation of past studies. In each project we have identified the most effective screens, both in terms of structure and material, in order to determine efficient and never superfluous screens.

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