Products Ricable maintain their price

products ricable maintain their price

Especially in electronics, it happens to see products that come out on store shelves, physical or virtual, and after a few months, or even weeks, see their price plummet, perhaps by as much as a quarter of their total value. In contrast, Ricable products maintain their price over their entire life cycle. This has benefits for both our sales network (distributors, retailers, agents) and the end customer... but also for the product Ricable itself.

A question of consistency

Keeping a uniform price is an advantage mainly for those who read us--but also for the product itself, as we have written. This, in fact, is unlikely to be of poor quality, which might be thought of if it were sold at exaggerated discounts in some outlet. This underlying consistency reinforces the value of the product and shows how the company that produces it is trustworthy. Wanting to build a direct and transparent relationship with the end recipient, precisely trust represents a value to be cultivated day after day, even through these small things. Last but not least, consistency in pricing makes possible a service such as Ricable Upgrade, which stipulates that when upgrading to a superior product, in the trade-in the used product is valued as much as it was paid for new.

Reduced competition among retailers

When all retailers sell the product at the same price, competition based solely on price is reduced. This can encourage retailers to compete on other important factors, such as customer service, shopping experience and after-sales services, thus improving the overall experience for the consumer.

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That said, a price war just between retailers is also avoided by maintaining healthy profit margins for all sales channels. This is important for physical retailers, which may have higher operating costs than their digital counterparts. By keeping pricing uniform, manufacturers can help small retailers compete more effectively with large retailers and online sales platforms, which might otherwise use their buying power to offer lower prices. Significant variations in prices among different retailers lead to a race to the bottom, damaging brand perception and eroding profit margins. This is a detriment to the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to retailer ending with the consumer, who sees their investment go up in smoke.

The benefits for consumers

Consumers benefit from uniform prices through greater predictability and transparency. Knowing that the price will be the same regardless of the retailer, they can make purchasing decisions based on factors other than price, such as proximity or quality of service. Not only that, customers will be able to have an immediate idea about the product's positioning in the relevant market segment. Indeed, establishing a uniform price allows manufacturers to have more control over product positioning. This can be important for high-end products, as is our case. For our part, establishing a recommended retail price or imposing a policy of minimum announced price (MAP) can help improve and maintain good relationships with retailers. They will feel they are being treated fairly, without the pressure of having to lower prices to compete with larger retailers or marketplaces.

Are you a customer, distributor, or retailer?

In conclusion, Ricable products maintain their price. And maintaining an equal price for all retailers can be an effective strategy for building a strong brand, maintaining positive relationships with retailers, and providing a better shopping experience for consumers. If you are our current or potential customer, we invite you to take a look at our catalog. If, on the other hand, you are a distributor or retailer, please contact us by clicking the button below and then filling out the relevant form. We will get back to you by sending you the exclusive price list for our employees.

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