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Any hi-fi enthusiast will have happened, at least once, to want a system that fits perfectly into their home. One of the ways to satisfy this need is to create your own "tailor-made" cables by DIY and Hi-Fi cable installation. For this purpose Ricable CustomThe new cable design offers the possibility to buy top quality cables, derived from the best cablesRicable, and to finish them as you prefer, for a total customization both in terms of length and connector of the cable, according to tastes and needs. At the basis of this, however, there is always the quality factor, which moves on the coordinates of a perfect balance given by the intersection of performance, aesthetics and price.

Many of the historical advantages on the site Ricable are also available in your Custom division. Just think of the lifetime warranty, fully automatic for those who buy from the site and easily activated by those who buy elsewhere. Direct support from the chat at the bottom left of your screen is also a must. You can write to us anytime you want about any doubts you have. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. For those who buy from Ricable Custom is also provided the option "satisfied or refunded", which allows you to make the return free of charge with the shipping costs borne entirely by us. The following are the areas and areas that Ricable Custom covers.

Hi-Fi cables from you: the domestic self construction

If you are a DIYer and aspire to make cables for Hi-Fi or home cinema with high performance, RicableCustom is the best support for your creations. On the site you can find cables by the meter of all types (speaker, feeding, signal, coaxial, HDMI), connectors, spikes, cable socks and many other accessories. Endless possibilities both in terms of aesthetics and design of use for cables able to adapt perfectly to your needs and to release high level performance at an affordable price. In addition to that, on RicableCustom you will enjoy of guarantees designed specifically for you.

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Hi-Fi installations in private

home cinema home installations

If you are an installer of Hi-Fi and home cinema systems and you need to wire with quality and reliability, RicableCustom offers a performing product at an unbeatable price. The elements of the system must have a precise predisposition so as not to lose anything in terms of quality. Therefore it will be necessary to rely on cables that can have an easy access in the cable ducts and that are performing even when it comes to quite large distances. In the domestic environment it is also important to pay attention to the interference produced by household appliances or other devices; for this reason it is essential to install cables with good shielding.

Hi-Fi installations for events

If you have to make a live system, a conference room, a wire system, with Ricable Custom you will find supports with unique and durable performance. Quality projectors, LED walls and audio diffusion systems with speakers, microphones and mixers need a specific treatment so that the event being staged is not a flop. In addition, different environments require different wiring, both in terms of performance and, above all, length. Thanks to Ricable Custom you can realize, in total autonomy, all the solutions you want, to be always ready in any circumstance.

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DIY and Hi-Fi cable installation in car audio

Ricable custom car audio hi-fi

Are you a fan or a car audio professional? Ricable Custom offers you top quality for your high performance car hi-fi systems. Driving, on the other hand, is a pleasure, but to do so while listening to good music played through a system that goes beyond the standard system in terms of performance is quite another thing. For the system to be optimally tuned, however, specific cables are needed that are able to adapt to a rather particular context such as that of the car. Ricable Custom is the right choice and allows you to choose what is best for you and your car.

In short, whatever category you belong to, or if you are simply curious about the world of DIY and Hi-Fi cable installation, it would be a shame if you didn't pop into RicableCustom. The production processes of Custom products are rigorous and monitored in every aspect, for a guaranteed and absolute quality. We'll be waiting for you.

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