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Mr Zanetti's review of cables Ricable Invictus (part two)

mr zanetti review testimonial cables invictus ricable

Sometimes they come back. Whether you follow us all the time and have therefore already read it, or whether you have only just met us and want to catch up, today we are publishing the final act. the first part of Mr Zanetti's testimonyToday we are publishing the final act. The rules of the previous chapter apply: for the sake of transparency, we are reporting the customer's feedback just as we received it. We had arrived at the moment when Mr. Zanetti had just left our premises, while now he is preparing to provide a review of the cables Invictus Ricable all his own...

The duel

After seeing all those cables at Mr Sergio's, I couldn't resist asking him to try some. So I came home with a 2.5 metre Netzkabel , a 2 metre Speaker cable and a 1 metre INTERCONNECT balanced cable. All strictly blue ( Invictus series).

Currently, my sound system is composed as follows:

  • Accuphase 2410 preamplifier
  • Pass XA 30.5 power amplifier (pure class A)
  • speaker systems Sonus Faber Amati Anniversary

The power, signal and speaker cables were purchased in the USA by the metre and subsequently completed by me. The power and speaker cables are 99.9999% PCOCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuing Casting) copper, while the cables INTERCONNECT are 7N silver (99.99999%). Basically I start to see differences: the single copper wire in my power cables has a diameter of 0.5 mm, while in Ricable it is 0.1 mm. Same diameter in the cables Speaker . But the Ricable, in the cables Speaker , have a diameter of 80 microns and are 90 wires (threads?!)!

I'm starting to get a strange feeling. I want to see and test whether they are better or worse than mine. So I'm not going to use my Accuphase PS 1210 mains conditioner, but the Monster Cable 1000 power strip (with modified cable) and again the Wireworld neutral power strip. So, I connect the MC 1000 to the wall socket, then plug the cable Ricable into one socket. Into the MC 1000 and at the other end I plug Ricable into the Wireworld socket (via IEC). Finally I connect the preamp and power amp to Wireworld. I add the OPPO UDP 205 universal player, which will be used for Hi-Res files of liquid music (DSD 128 resolution).

Istart my listening with the track Gostas Waltz, by the trio Treecircle label Opus 3. I concentrate on the details. The beating of the sticks and brushes on the cymbals of the drums is exceptionally warm, very precise, the drums are pushed forward in the imaginary scenario; one is immersed in the sound. I continue with classical music: Violin Sonata No. 3, Op. 45 by Edvard Grieg , label 2L. Swedish violinist Hemsing plays the sonata beautifully; the period violin has a strong, pronounced sound and is reproduced in all its magnificence. The piano is no less impressive. The recording is excellent and you can hear the hammers hitting the taut strings. I continue with Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 conducted by Manfred Honeck with the Pittsburgh Symphony. Tremendous impression, the orchestra is projected against me: total immersion.

I discover that a French sound engineer, Renè Laflamme, has been recovering old jazz tapes and digitising them in DSD for the 2XHD label. It's a great discovery, the cleaned and digitised tapes bring back the great jazz classics. jazz classics.Istart with Teddy Wilson (St. Louis Blues), Ben Webster (Gentle Ben) and Benny Carter (Summer Serenade). The old time sound comes out in all its beauty. I look at these big blue cables: they are a phenomenon! I put my PCOCCs back in. Um, um. Damn, they are less precise, less, less musical, that's it.Do you want to see that I still have to change the cables?

mr zanetti review testimonial cables invictus ricable

These Ricable are starting to worry me. It seems that the current passes more easily! In fact replacing them with mine and keeping the volume knob fixed seems to increase the sound pressure. Psychoacoustics? Maybe, but that's the impression. Well, now that I think about it, the bass has increased too; in fact, I no longer use the Accuphase's loudness for low volume listening. I think I understand. Mr Sergio and his gang have found a way to poke the electrons and make them go faster!

L.R. Zanetti

We would necessarily, and once again, liketo thank Mr Zanetti for the sympathy, time and care with which he has given us this cable review Invictus Ricable , divided into two parts.

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  1. f.gandola he said:

    I am also using Ricable cables and finally my JBL L112s started to sound as well as the QR12 Magneplanar.
    Satisfied with both the low frequencies and the melodious mids, not to mention the tinkles that used to come through in a blur.
    I fully agree with the testimony of Mr. Zanetti and I raise a thank you to the company Ricable .
    Great ITALIAN sound
    Francesco Gandola

    1. ricablecom he said:

      Thank you Francesco for the certificate of appreciation!

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