How to choose the best Hi-Fi cable: the series Ricable

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The functionality of a cable, even in a particular context like Hi-Fi, is under everyone's eyes. A cable connects the electronics to each other, and does it better or worse according to the quality of the materials, the construction and many other aspects. Whether it is a power cable, Speaker or a signal cable, with a good support that connects them, the electronics in our Hi-Fi system will work better than with a poor or standard cable. A clarification that we have made in more than one of our articles(repetita iuvant): a Hi-Fi cable will never improve the sound of your system. All it will do is deteriorate it as little as possible - which is no small thing, in fact, so much so that it is important to choose the best Hi-Fi cable for your electronic specifications. The cables Ricable, from this point of view, are born to give back to the listener the maximum possible neutrality.

Invictus Speaker Hi-Fi power cable

Choosing the best Hi-Fi cable

Imagine having spent an arm and a leg to get a top-notch amplifier and acoustic speakers, only to have a connection between them compromise the sound quality. It would have been better to have thirty-one instead of thirty, wouldn't it? An audiophile knows very well that the choice of an electronic is not only the result of an economic effort, but also of time, if we consider how long it takes to document and carry out the relative tests. So here is a characteristic that is often underestimated: the balance.

Let's be clear: the day is yet to come when we will recommend one of our top cables to an audiophile who owns a Hi-Fi system that is within the norm. An exceptional cable in a discreet system would not produce any damage, of course; but the same system would probably not be so detecting to make you notice differences with a less performing support, even if good. The opposite, instead, could be much more harmful - and this is what we were saying. A poor cable in a respectable hi-fi system will demolish all the effort that has gone into setting it up.

Keyword: balance. How much to spend on Hi-Fi cables?

The balance, therefore, plays a key role. Maybe even more than the amount spent to assemble our whole Hi-Fi system, between cables and electronics. Imagine a racing car with a superb engine and an absolutely not very aerodynamic chassis. Or, still on the High Fidelity theme, a system with a fine amplifier and poor quality loudspeakers. A lot of effort for nothing.

When it comes to Hi-Fi cables, it's the same story. It is not optimal to have good cables Speaker and bad interconnects, for example, just as it is important that the value of the system goes hand in hand with the value of the cables used for it. This is an unwritten rule and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt, but a good cost ratio between cables and electronics should be 10-15% of the list price. For example: a 1000 euro amplifier should have cables worth 100-150 euro. We would like to point out once again that the list price should be taken as a reference, in the sense that if we go to the second-hand market and buy an amplifier at 1.000 euro whose original value was 5,000 euros.The cost of the cables will still be 500-750 euro.

Four series of Hi-Fi cables, for every wallet

Taking into account all these considerations, the production of cables Ricable is divided into four different series, so as to meet any requirement both qualitative and economic. The four series of Hi-Fi cables Ricable, except for the HDMI cables, are the following:

  • Primus for Entry Level systems (all Hi-Fi equipment should have at least one Primus wiring harness)
  • Magnus for high-end Hi-Fi systems
  • Dedalus for Hi-End systems
  • Invictus for high level Hi-End systems

Let us repeat here something that has already been said: it's not a bad thing to wire your electronics with a higher level of cable, because some variables are not calculable with numbers, but it could be that with a lower level of product you get the same result, because the electronics themselves, in that case, more than that cannot reveal.

Hi-Fi cable balance and synergy

A certain balance must be preserved not only in the relationship between cables and electronics, but also between Hi-Fi cables themselves. The first thing we would recommend is a levelling of the cabling. Rather than having a very good interconnect and a poor one Speaker , it is better to have both cables of average quality. The best thing would be to have a wiring as uniform as possible, with the same series and brand for all connections. You have to start somewhere, so to help you choose the best Hi-Fi cable, take a look at our full range at Ricable.

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