Two new power cables and two new MKII versions

They have already seen the light of day in late 2022, but the two new Ricable power cables and two new MKII versions have not lost the scent of novelty in the current year. As for the power cables, we refer to theInvictus Power Reference and the Dedalus Power Elite. As for revamps of existing cables, however, we are talking about Magnus Coaxial MKII and Supreme HDMI 2.0b MKII. As has been the case in the past, this renewal of the offer is not only aimed at improvement in absolute terms of performance, but also serves to diversify it, so that each person is empowered with the most suitable cable for his or her system, leaving no gaps.

Invictus Power Reference is a total novelty among power cables

Invictus Power Reference represents the new top of the line in power cords Ricable. Making it was not easy. It took more than a year of development. Not least because the pressure was great. Replacing one of the most successful cables in the history of Ricable (Invictus Power ) was not easy at all. The improvement in acoustic performance and control was, even somewhat surprisingly, if you will, stark. And so we decided to consider the prototype a completely new cable (hence the label "Reference") and . not an improved version of the previous. Underlying this revolution are all the R-TEC innovations developed to date, further improved, starting with the double dielectric and the germanium Noise Reduction system. The conductors remain identical in cross section, but are now formed by strands reduced by 30 percent in diameter, so that there are nearly 3,500 capillaries in the entire cable. Finally, the geometry resumes the previous one, but improves some aspects of it.

Dedalus Power Elite is another unprecedented piece

Dedalus Power Elite is another original piece of the Ricable power cord puzzle being added. The "reason" for the product is the same as its colleague Dedalus Speaker Elite. For here, too, we have a cable that is intermediate between the Invictus series and the "standard" Dedalus series, both in terms of cost and performance. The improvement is mainly felt in control and timbre, but also in soundstage accuracy. The cable architecture and connectors are those of the Dedalus standard power supply.

Dedalus Power Elite

However, the double R-TEC polymer dielectric is closely derived fromInvictus Reference. The diameter of the single strand has been reduced by 10 percent, so that the capillaries of the entire cable reach nearly 1,800.

The new MKII versions of two existing cables.

The first cable to be improved is Magnus Coaxial MKII. The conductor has been increased, while dielectric and shielding have seen technical improvements in materials.

HDMI Supreme

The second cable to have seen an improvement, in some ways more interesting, is Supreme HDMI 2.0b MKII. Why "more interesting"? Because the Ricable offering features an HDMI 2.1 cable. So why insist on an outdated technology like 2.0b? Because Supreme HDMI proved to be incredibly performant with the I²S protocol, a type of digital connection increasingly found in electronics. Supreme HDMI was an outstanding cable, but with this MKII version it gains additional meaning because of its performance with reference to the I²S protocol, performance that is often superior even to HDMI 2.1 cables.

In the tradition of Ricable, there is no shortage of novelties but at the same time they are not quantitatively exaggerated. As the most loyal customers will know, before a cable is put on the market, it goes through a prototyping phase that includes numerous tests and listening group passes. Hence the end result: a rather slow (yearly, we might say) but steady release of new products to meet the needs that the market demands, both performance and commercial. If you would like to have a summary of the current catalog Ricable, click on the button below.

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