The Ricable Invictus Speaker, Magnus Speaker and Magnus Power cables are available in an updated version.

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The Ricable product catalogue is always on the verge of not only growing (including Custom, see heat shrink tubing), but also to improve. 2020 was a year full of complications related to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that didn't stop us from improving three of our customers' favourite products. We are referring to Invictus Speaker, which earned the Reference designation, and Magnus Speaker and Power, both of which have been upgraded to their MKII versions. With this article in our blog, we want to give a brief summary not only of which products have reached a higher level, but also in what way. Here are the latest updated cables from Ricable.

Invictus Speaker Reference

The basis from which Invictus Speaker Reference started was very good. The top of the range Ricable Speaker cable was already high profile in its previous version. According to our tests and the feedback of some of our most loyal customers, Invictus Speaker Reference goes much further. This is despite the fact that little has changed in terms of appearance; the eye only sees the larger dimensions and the non-magnetic/screened carbon cable separation block. However, it is not so much the form as the substance that has changed dramatically.

The number of conductors increases from 970 to 1,038 wires, which, together with the polymer-insulated centre conductor, make up each 7.6 mm² hexaphone conductor. The real innovation, however, is in the double dielectric, made from two newly developed R-TEC polymers, which significantly improves the dielectric constant and thus the flow of the audio signal in the form of low-voltage electrical INTERCONNECT and at the same time enhances the functionality of the semiconductor (RNR Noise Reduction), which has also been improved. Finally, a new insulating material was introduced into the cable in combination with the treated cotton. This operation allowed us to further strengthen the double shielding, without altering the electrical characteristics of the conductors.

Magnus Speaker

Magnus Speaker MKII

Magnus Speaker has been a popular product since its debut because of its high price/quality ratio. So Ricable decided to improve it further by inserting an aluminium/mylar shield before the outer sheath. This allows to improve sensibly the protection from EMI/RFI interferences that can creep into the cable Speaker in the way from the amplifier to the loudspeakers. This feature, combined with the Noise Reduction system, brings the performance of Magnus Speaker closer to its big brothers Dedalus and Invictus.

Magnus Power MKII

The argument for Magnus Power is similar to that for the Speaker. The components of this series are appreciated, perhaps a little more than the others, for their quality/price ratio. Starting from here, the efforts of Ricable have been directed towards making Magnus Power more and more the child of the larger series. Unlike Magnus Speaker, which had no shielding, Magnus Power already had it. What we have done is to insert a second aluminium/mylar shield before the copper braid. The interference protection here is on the way from the socket to the electronics.

Magnus Power

Ricable, however, is not only refining the catalogue, but also expanding it. In the next article we'll give a useful summary of the new entries that saw the light of day between the end of last year and the beginning of this one (USB cables, Jack and AES/EBU variants). In the meantime, we refer you to the product pages of the updated cables Ricable . More updates are on the way, regarding Primus and Dedalus Speaker. Happy browsing!

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