Choose Soisy financing as your payment method for Hi-Fi cables Ricable

Soisy Financing Hi-Fi Cables Ricable

One of the distinctive traits that Ricable cares most about is Made in Italy, in every aspect. From the design to the construction of Hi-Fi cables, passing through the location of the company and its employees. Another piece that is added in this sense is the collaboration with Soisy, "the marketplace for loans between private individuals to finance purchases in affiliated e-commerce" based in Milan. In other words: from today it is possible to buy Hi-Fi cables on the website Ricable by means of installment payments and financing.

How can I pay with Soisy financing on Ricable?

Paying for your new purchase in instalments Ricable is very easy, in fact choosing this method has few differences compared to any other payment method. First, choose the product and put it in the shopping cart. At this point you can choose whether to display the cart or go to the checkout. In the first case, as shown by the screen below, you have the opportunity to view a hypothetical financing of Hi-Fi cables that you want to buy. In the second case, as shown by the screen below, you can actually select Soisy financing as a method of payment. At this point you will be catapulted onto the platform. And this is where the fun comes.

Soisy Financing Hi-Fi Cables Ricable Cart

Is Soisy financing a fast and convenient option for Hi-Fi cables?

The answer regarding your Hi-Fi cable financing Ricable is very fast and painless, as well as 100% online. It will be given to you in three minutes, just by entering your tax code and a few other useful information. The acceptance of the request after the checks, statistically higher than average, will be confirmed or not in maximum twenty-four hours and the signature will be affixed with code sent by SMS. The interest rate is personalized according to the history and creditworthiness and is on average lower than that of traditional banks.

The minimum amount above which you can apply for a loan is extremely affordable: €150, and the number of instalments is customisable, up to a maximum of five. The instalment you see is exactly what you will pay, with no additional charges or surprises. If you have problems or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also have a look at the video at the beginning of the article, if you want to be guided step by step. With Soisy you can buy a higher-end product Ricable and pay for it in installments, without burdening your budget*. Have a look at our catalogue.

Soisy Financing Hi-Fi Cables Ricable Checkout

* Soisy financing is currently only available in Italy.

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