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Review #73 - Cable Invictus USB - Ricable Review

Invictus USB Sandro
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Sandro S.

Sources: Sony SCD-777ES CD player; Roon Rock on Intel NUC Fanless

Amplifier: Etalon Controller preamplifier with CS-1 power supply; Etalon Drive power amplifier

Acoustic Speakers: B&W 802-S3

Other: Lector Digicode S-192 DAC; Dromos SPD-6 network conditioner

The following review of the Invictus USB cable is the result of the "Ricable Review" initiative. Ricable Review is the program designed by Ricable, created to collect feedback from audiophiles, in order to bring about continuous improvement of the products in the catalog. Last but not least, those who join the program receive a certificate at home, with the purpose of certifying how the customer has become to all intents and purposes part of the " Ricable" family.
The following Feedback was created on the basis of a predefined questionnaire to which the user returned their impressions, in a manner completely free. We thank Sandro for his time.

What made you choose Ricable?

I read positive comments on Facebook groups about liquid music and saw video reviews on YouTube that spoke well of the USB Invictus. Since I was intent on improving the quality of my USB cable, which was already of good quality anyway (an emblazoned American brand), and reassured by the fact that if I was not satisfied I could return the cable, I decided to try Ricable.

Invictus USB Sandro 3
Invictus USB Sandro 2
What do you think about the construction
and aesthetics of the product?

The construction of the cable is top-notch, the impression of solidity and choice of materials are remarkable, such that it puts my previous USB cable to shame. The color is perhaps my least favorite thing about it, perhaps a less garish color would have appealed to me more, but still, that's okay, it stands out well after all.

How did you carry out the tests? Which songs did you use to test the cable?

At first I started making direct comparisons by alternating the Invictus cable with my previous one and perceived obvious differences. Then I kept theInvictus always connected for a couple of weeks and then returned to a comparison by alternating the two cables again. Until I made a final decision in favor of theInvictus.

Invictus USB Sandro 1
What were your
listening impressions?

At first having to compare theInvictus with a cable I had owned for seven years, and to whose sound I had become accustomed, I found differences that displaced me. My previous one gave me (and still gives me) more bass and more midrange, the highs a bit more scratchy. Everything more in the middle and more forward in the soundstage, though. The Ricable Invictus on the other hand sets the soundstage back a bit, however, it opens it up sharply, the bass is more controlled and less annoying, voices especially take on a very natural tone, the treble is softer. With theInvictus you get to turn up the volume a little more. Basically after three weeks I find myself with a more natural sound, a slightly more backward scene than what I was used to but more open, listening fatigue has decreased. I decided to keep the Ricable Invictus !

Your conclusions.

It took me almost a month to decide to keep it, partly because I was not coming from a "printer's" USB cable, however, I finally decided. To those who are interested in improving their liquid music listening, I recommend trying the Ricable Invictus USB, if you were to come from a standard USB cable you will be electrocuted by the difference in positive, if on the other hand like me you already have a good USB cable you will have to make the appropriate evaluations, comforted however by the fact that if not satisfied you can return it.

What did you like?

- Natural sound
- Care in construction

What would you improve?

- Heavy cable that needs support once attached to the DAC, to avoid twisting the device's USB connection

2 thoughts on "Review #73 - Invictus USB Cable - Ricable Review"

  1. maurizio.baroni5 he said:

    I too have the really spectacular Lector dac with Auralic streamer , personally I found the sound significantly better by connecting them with balanced AES EBU cable than USB . You have not done any testing?

    1. sandros he said:

      I can only connect my fanless NUC (with Roon core Rock) with usb cable, I have no other outputs. I have also tried coaxial output via a Raspberry with coaxial output hat and it sounds very good. As for the AES EBU connection I have never had a chance to try it, although I would like to, because I do not have an advanced streamer with such an output. Your Auralic would be a really good test to do, using it as a Roon endpoint. For more info look me up on FB as Sandro Sorgato, have a nice day.

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