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Customer Raffaele's test with and without power cables Dedalus

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In spite of the already excellent product quality offered to customers, Ricable aims to keep improving. In addition to the focus on research and development, the lion's share of this is accounted for by customers. With their tests, with their feedback. It sometimes happens that one of them, who is particularly zealous, writes to us with his testimony in full. The last of these was Raffaele, whom we would like to thank, and who structured his review in a rather unusual way. On one side we have the test without Ricable cables, and on the other side the test with Ricablecables. Here is his test of the Dedalus mains cables.

The listening environment

I don't have a dedicated room for the system but I share the room with my wife and kids, so the speaker arrangement is the best possible compromise between them and me, as the speakers are also used for home theatre by moving the connectors. System:

  • Used Audio Research LS25MK2 Tube Preamplifier
  • Used Audio Research VT60 tube power amplifier 50 W RMS
  • Audio Research SP9MK2 tube preamp used only for phono
  • Meridian 206 1-bit CD player
  • Used Meridian 506 24-bit CD player
  • Used Sony ZA5ES DAT player
  • Used Piooner D-07 DAT player
  • Rega Planar 3 turntable new with new Goldring 2100 cartridge
  • Cambridge Audio CXN Network Player new
  • Opera Grand Mezza speakers new connected with Van den Hul cable
  • Vertical Solid Steel cabinet for space reasons

The system was assembled in its final form by replacing various parts over a few years (given the costs). RCA cables Ricable connect all Audio Research equipment and the two CD players. The cables Speaker Ricable connect all Audio Research equipment and the CD player 506.

raffaele plant test dedalus power supply

Test without cables Ricable

Wonderful sound typical Audio Research, soft, sweet, tube with a deep and controlled bass, wide scene, excellent dynamics, great detail, typical tube sound.

My grandfather and father and his brothers had a radio TV shop in the 1950s and they also repaired valves, so I know the tube sound well and it takes me back to when I was a kid.

But Audio Research does even better, it has impressive dynamics compared to other valve amps. I was already very very satisfied with the result, to be honest.

Try cables Ricable

The first sensation is silence, as if someone was talking in the room before and now has gone away, absolute silence, very still, wide soundstage, increased dynamics, more powerful and deeper bass and, as I have already read on the site in another review, it seems that the cables bring more power to my electronics.

Detail at the highest level, much better than before, high frequencies never annoying (I always listen at maximum volume when nobody is at home). The sound is as sweet as I like, with every kind of music there is no listening fatigue; I would stay for hours if I could.

But the silence is what impressed me the most; I can't quite explain it, but there is silence even if I set the volume to maximum. You should hear the controlled, powerful bass; the sofa shakes all over despite only 50 W and without a subwoofer.

I have to admit that the cables have made an impressive leap in quality and I confess I didn't believe it. I listen to all kinds of music but when I need to test the system I useo: Pink Floyd with The Wall, Dire Straits, Rage Against The Machine for metal and Jethro Tull.

plant raffaele prova


I've just finished two hours of listening and I'm fully satisfied, so at nose (but the cables are still to be broken in) it seems to me that the turntable is the one that has benefited the most, but the whole system has made a remarkable leap upwards; the Ricable Dedalus are the perfect complements for my system.

MI've already gone on too long and I don't want to bore you with listening details. The cables Ricable series Dedalus are excellent, they really do improve the system even for those who don't hear well, so they are highly recommended.

The cost (I've never tried more expensive cables, although in general it's not low) even becomes an insignificant detail compared to the physical and sound quality they bring. Let's not forget that despite their weight and size they are also very flexible. In the future I would like to finish all the wiring of the system... we'll see. In the meantime, many thanks to Mr. Modenesi for his great courtesy and availability. To buy with closed eyes.

We would actually like to thank our customer, Raffaele, for taking the time to write this testimonial about his tests. We hope you enjoyed reading this test of the Dedalus power cables.

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