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Review #60 - Primus Speaker MKII Cable - Ricable Review

Primus Speaker Cinzia
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Cinzia S.

Sources: Marantz PM6007 amplifier; Audiolab 6000N Play streamer.

Amplifier: Advance Paris A10 Classic

Acoustic Speakers: TAGA Harmony Platinum F-100 v.3

Other: DAC Audio-GD R2R-11

The following review of the Primus Speaker MKII cable is the result of the "Ricable Review" initiative. Ricable Review is the program designed by Ricable, created to collect feedback from audiophiles, in order to bring about continuous improvement of the products in the catalog. Last but not least, those who join the program receive a certificate at home, with the purpose of certifying how the customer has become for all intents and purposes part of the " Ricable" family.
The following Feedback was created on the basis of a predefined questionnaire to which the user returned their impressions, in a manner completely free. We thank Cynthia for her time.

What made you choose Ricable?

I am a firm believer in Italian companies, your site is well structured and you offer solutions such as trade-ins, lifetime product warranties and a wide assortment of very good quality though entry level products. I had been looking for cables that would satisfy me for some time and did not want to spend a fortune, fortunately your site popped up in my search.

Primus Speaker Cinzia
What do you think about the construction
and aesthetics of the product?

Aesthetically, the product, although entry level, looks much higher end, the attention to detail can be felt right from the packaging, the cable constructed well with materials that are excellent both to the eye and to the touch, the connectors remain firmly in place once inserted, the cable is not too stiff and contours perfectly between amplifier and speakers with a very pleasing aesthetic.

How did you carry out the tests? Which songs did you use to test the cable?

I tested the cable with two different amplifiers and the same pair of speakers, compared them with other cables that I have, from well-known brands, I started listening several times to those two or three songs that I usually listen to to do this kind of testing, namely female vocals, song with well pronounced bass and one where there are many instruments playing together.

Primus Speaker Cinzia
Primus Speaker Cinzia
What were your
listening impressions?

Listening to it turned out to be really pleasant, unlike other cables in my possession that enhanced the high range or the low range. The Primus Speaker MKII seemed to me much more balanced over all ranges, a true full range. The thing that surprised me so much was the neutrality of the sound but at the same time hearing the music I think unmodified from the specifications in the recording room. Definitely a very good impression from the first listening and the difference with other cables quite marked, a cable that is good for all types of music and although I tried them with only two amplifiers, definitely for all electronics.

Your conclusions.

In conclusion I am happy that I wanted to believe in this Italian brand and I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase, I will recommend my friends to try the products Ricable. Great idea to structure the products on several price ranges and to be able to upgrade in the future, my idea is to try also cables INTERCONNECT, I think I will do it soon.

What did you like?

- Aesthetics
- Value for money
- Performance

What would you improve?

- Nothing

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