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Review #67 - Magnus Coaxial Cable - Ricable Review

Review Ermanno Magnus Coaxial
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Hermann B.

Sources: Emotiva ERC 4 CD player; Bluesound NODE 3 streamer.

Amplifier: Hegel H100

Acoustic Speakers: Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition

Other: Dynavox X7000 multisocket

The following review of the Magnus Coaxial cable is the result of the "Ricable Review" initiative. Ricable Review is the program designed by Ricable, created to collect feedback from audiophiles, in order to bring about continuous improvement of the products in the catalog. Last but not least, those who join the program receive a certificate at home, with the purpose of certifying how the customer has become to all intents and purposes part of the " Ricable" family.
The following Feedback was created on the basis of a predefined questionnaire to which the user returned their impressions, in a manner completely free. We thank Ermanno for his time.

What made you choose Ricable?

I had heard of Ricable but for sheer economics I was driven to buy other brands of which for a variety of reasons I was not satisfied. Having to get a coaxial cable to connect a DAC headphone amp I knew I needed quality. Starting with the ease of ordering on the excellent site to the speed of delivery, I can say that I am extremely satisfied.
In addition, the cable is aesthetically beautiful. Having the system in a fancy room where I will be moving to, it doesn't hurt, in addition to the obvious quality. Slowly I think I will also replace other cables with Ricable, I hope all Magnus.

Review Ermanno Magnus Coaxial
What do you think about the construction
and aesthetics of the product?

Solid, beautiful workmanship, appropriate colors. Connectors are the best I have seen so far. Had bad experience with world brand connectors. Not comparable to other cables purchased in haste looking only at fame and arrived with obscene colors like deep yellow and with blatant inferior quality. Even the packaging has its why and is beautifully presented.

How did you carry out the tests? Which songs did you use to test the cable?

Connected cables with different sources d amplifiers, always solid state integrated. Tried same tracks with:

  • Thorens Turntable
  • Emotiva and Marantz CD Player
  • Accuphase Amplifiers, Hegel, Rotel
  • Bluesound NODE 3 Streamer

I evaluated, by replacing cables, whether the reproduction changed, and to my surprise, it did. More soundstage and detail. I'm sorry I couldn't try with a tube, but I think the result would have been great anyway.

Review Ermanno Magnus Coaxial
What were your
listening impressions?

I do not have the necessary experience and I am still a novice, despite my age, however, I can say that having tried as I described above equipment that had power supply, coax and RCA Ricable the sound has definitely changed positively, I would say especially on clarity, bass roundness and warmth, especially using a friend's Accuphase amp connected with Ricable. Women's voices compared to my Hegel are much warmer, a bass that goes all the way in--into the belly. The two friends who are much more experienced than me confirmed the positive impressions, and one of them, who is fixated on American brand of cables, although he remained convinced of the superiority of his chosen brand, admitted that I could spend less than him to get equal or very similar results.

Your conclusions.

As a quality/price ratio, in my experience, it is difficult to surpass Magnus... I wanted to listen to myself in taking the next step up from the entry level cable proposed on the site, which I think is also the one that is already superior to the competition that I would like to mention, but I do not think it is correct. I would also plan to change cables Speaker . After experience with the Magnus, once I evaluate how to arrange the system in new room, they will be the first I will consider.

What did you like?

- Performance
- Aesthetics
- Value for money

What would you improve?

- Nothing

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