Where to start when changing Hi-Fi cables

The idea of rewiring one's Hi-Fi system may come from many directions. We may be newbies who are indulging in high fidelity music for the first time. In this case it would be more correct to talk about wiring then, rather than rewiring. We can be old fashioned audiophiles who, after having put aside their passion for some time, are now recovering it and want to get back to working on their electronics. We can also be enthusiasts who have decided to finally offer an adequate support to the components of their own system, going beyond the cables we find in the large organised distribution. Without exaggerating; the key word, As we have already had occasion to sayis "balance". But the question we want to answer today is: where to start when changing Hi-Fi cables?

Which Hi-Fi cable should I change first?

The following indications about where to start when changing Hi-Fi cables apply as long as the system is equipped with a similar level of cabling at each connection. The situation is different if you have already purchased some good quality cables. In this case, the priority of intervention would undoubtedly go to those that are the weakest points, if it is true that it is the weakest link of a chain that measures its strength. Having said that, ideally there is no such thing as the first Hi-Fi cable to be replaced, in the sense that the best solution would be to change them all at the same time. This would also ensure continuity of technical and constructional philosophy in every connection between each electronics. Easier said than done, though. For budget reasons, or even for the choice of changing one part at a time to see the differences, this is, most of the time, not possible.


So, we have to take the bull by the horns and decide which cable to start with in order to rewire our Hi-Fi system. Obviously, we are aware that this is always a starting point and that we must never be satisfied with a single improvement. Let's imagine that we have to resurface ten kilometres of a road. To be honest, it won't make much difference if we decide to resurface the route starting at the end, or if we choose to resurface the fourth kilometre first, then the seventh, passing through the first and continuing randomly. It may take us a little longer, but the end result will be basically the same. For a question of signal directionality, as well as, perhaps, mental order, it would be preferable to start "from the beginning". The first Hi-Fi cable that we suggest to change, in order of importance, is just the INTERCONNECT. After all, we are talking about the cable that transfers the signal from the source to the amplifier in most systems, therefore of central importance.

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How to continue wiring your Hi-Fi system

The second step we recommend is to replace of the cable Speaker . All connections are important, especially in order not to create bottlenecks in what is the journey from the power socket to the transformation into sound perceived by the ear. However, we would like to say that, perhaps, some cables have a slightly more dominant role. We have written this about the cable INTERCONNECT, now we repeat it about the cable Speaker . This is the cable that carries the now amplified signal to the components that will, and are responsible for, broadcasting it. It is the last step before reaching our ears.

Changing power cables

We now come to the last of the main cables (signal, power, power supply) that we recommend you change: power cables. Maybe because these are not important? Absolutely not. We indicate them as the ones on the last step of the podium in the wiring of the Hi-Fi system for two reasons: because they are so many and because they do not directly intervene on the signal, but on the power supply of the electronics. The vast majority of Hi-Fi systems have one cable INTERCONNECT, one Speaker and at least a couple of mains cables. The higher you go, the more the Hi-Fi chain has electronics with separate functionality within it. This means that the number of mains cables we will need will increase. Not exactly the best starting point when considering where to start when changing Hi-Fi cables. In this regard, the first Netzkabel that we recommend changing is the power amp Speaker , whether integrated or not. Nothing will be like trying empirical tests, however: "run" the Netzkabel cable you have purchased and see for yourself where the benefits will be most apparent.

Conclusion and important clarifications

High fidelity is a passion that never gets boring, among other reasons, because of the infinite possibilities. In terms of electronics, but also in terms of system configuration, for example. We have already dealt with the discourse on the number of variables in. Then, personal tastes, songs... you name it. Even when it comes to where to start wiring up your hi-fi system, the discussion does not stop with this article. Some customers have told us that they have rewired the electrical system, as well as the cables inside, with surprising results. of speakerswith surprising results. Today's content is an excellent starting point that will satisfy the request of all those who have a very good Hi-Fi system, even if without esoteric pretensions. So we can only suggest you to have a look at our catalogue, to understand where to start filing up your connections!

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