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Review #59 - Cables Magnus Turntable and Jack 3.5 / RCA - Ricable Review

Review Nicola Magnus Turntable Jack RCA
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Nicholas C.

Sources: Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB turntable; Marantz CD6007 CD player.

Amplifier: Marantz PM6007

Acoustic Speakers: Klipsch RP-600M

Other: Nothing

The following review of the Magnus Turntable and Jack 3.5 / RCA cables is the result of the "Ricable Review" initiative. Ricable Review is the program designed by Ricable, created to collect feedback from audiophiles, in order to bring about a continuous improvement of the products in the catalog. Last but not least, those who join the program receive a certificate at home, with the purpose of certifying how the customer has become to all intents and purposes part of the " Ricable" family.
The following Feedback was created on the basis of a predefined questionnaire to which the user returned their impressions, in a manner completely free. We thank Nicola for her time.

What made you choose Ricable?

Having an entry level system, the supplied cables were not the best in quality, so I followed the advice of a friend of mine who has known you for some time and visited your site and was impressed by both the quantity of products and the various price ranges present. I therefore decided to purchase the components I wanted.

Review Nicola Magnus Turntable Jack RCA
Review Nicola Magnus Turntable Jack RCA
What do you think about the construction
and aesthetics of the product?

The cables are very nice and the finish is respectable, you can see with pleasure that they are made with maniacal care and that they have nothing to envy to the most emblazoned and expensive brands, I am not surprised by the lifetime warranty. Additional note in no small part they are made in Italy!

How did you carry out the tests? Which songs did you use to test the cable?

I like all genres of music, so both vinyl and CDs not to mention digital albums, I own a lot of music... as a litmus test I decided to listen to my music both on vinyl and from the PC that I know very well with the old cables after which I installed the new ones... needless to say I heard the difference immediately!

Review Nicola Magnus Turntable Jack RCA
Review Nicola Magnus Turntable Jack RCA
What were your
listening impressions?

I'll start by saying that I immediately listened to my favorite vinyls and it immediately jumped to my ears a great amount of detail that was not noticeable before not to mention a very clean and dynamic sound, nothing to do with the rather flat and muffled one before... then I played from PC other albums that I have in excellent format and here too I was very satisfied with the result, it almost seems to listen to other songs! I am talking about both instrumental and electronic music in both listenings.

Your conclusions.

I am thrilled with my purchases and can do nothing but recommend Ricable to everyone because, in addition to the quality, both a novice listener and a veteran of Hi-Fi find the product that suits them, without spending astronomical sums you have truly respectable cables... rated 10 at Ricable!

What did you like?

- Performance
- Aesthetics

What would you improve?

- I don't feel like recommending improvements!

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